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Wonders Of The Ouija Board Essay

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Just because Ouija boards can open portals to other realms does not mean that they should be judged by it. The “talking board” really has a bad rap these days. When they first became popular back in the day, everyone wanted to play with one. Now if you even dare to speak of one, your mother would backhand you and ship you off to a private Catholic or Christian school. Here they would try ridding the demons that are trying to convince you to use the board so you can set them free to play in our world. This is an example of the false assumptions that surround the idea of Ouija boards. Despite that Ouija boards have a bad reputation, Ouija boards do work and can be used in a positive way. Taking a look at how they work, if they work, and understanding what they are could possibly make a skeptic change their point of view.
Even though Ouija boards are capable of being one of the most dangerous objects that man has created, it is all about how you use it. Just like any object that humans come in contact with, you have the option to either hunt with a gun or murder with a gun; you can easily use one of these boards for positive reasons. For those who do not know, a Ouija board, according to Google’s definition, is a board printed with letters, numbers, and other signs, to which a planchette or movable indicator points, supposedly in answer to questions from people at a séance. Oh but wait, you cannot talk to the dead, that is completely impossible, those things do not even work, it is just a conspiracy; says the common skeptic. Most people believe that the Ouija board is just a pointless piece of wood with some letters and numbers that little children play with in order to freak themselves out, plus it was sold as a board game by the Parkers Brothers right? No, wrong! There is a lot that is misunderstood regarding these talking boards.
In order for a Ouija board to work, the user must have faith in the board. One must believe that supernatural phenomena’s do occur whether you see it as a ghost, a spirit, or a demon. If you are not convinced that these are natural possibilities the board simply wont work how one would wish. Someone who supports the idea that “ghosts” exist tend to think that spirits of the dead are “lost souls” and are stuck in our dimension. Others that don’t believe in these spirits claim that ghosts are telepathic entities projected into the world from our minds, says Benjamin Radford of LiveScience. Simply put, if the user of a Ouija board doesn’t trust that there is a possibility of opening another realm, it will not work. But seeing how one third of Americans believe in ghosts, I would say it’s a save bet to believe in them. Assuming that ghosts do exist, we can now try to understand the Ouija board and how it really works.
Nobody is positive on how far back “talking boards” go back in history but according to J. Edward Cornelius and his book “Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board,” he states that devices similar to what we...

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