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Wonders Of The Pyramid Essay

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It is well known that Egyptian Pyramid structures serve as the tomb of kings and queens however there is much more information that lies within. Before exploring the power of the pyramid lets uncover what it holds. Inside there are many fascinating things, other than just sarcophagus’s and prize possessions. Regular items used by Pharaoh such as the throne and jewels, vessels, art and his organs! For life after death, the pyramid is filled with all the things Pharaoh will need in their next life. All of the writings inside the pyramid are in Hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptian written language.
The structures were built between 1000BC and 2700BC ( 24 May 2011). From examining the workers bones it was found that they had frequent injuries and many had bent spinal columns. The men pulled the blocks of limestone up a ramp, the ramps were extended as the pyramids increased in size so that the ramps wouldn’t get too steep. Twenty men were needed to pull just one block up the ramp that may weight at least 3 tons. The size of Pyramids varies greatly; some reach up to forty stories high. The Great Pyramid of Giza is 480 feet high and 756 feet on each side making it one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Another giant Pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which is forty-eight stories high and covers an area of ten football grounds. About 2.3 million blocks were used and it took nearly twenty years to build it. ( 24 May 2011)
Mummification was done by an embalmer using sensitive specific techniques. The brain would be first removed by taking small pieces of it through nose. Then, a slit would be cut to take out liver, stomach, and intestines using special tools. These organs were placed in natron(natural salt) to preserve them. After a couple days, the embalmers put the organs into Canopic jars. Next, the body was placed in a tub and covered with natron for 40 days which was done to drain out all internal fluids. Then the body is rubbed with oils and scented spices and is then stuffed with resins and natron wrapped in linen. Lastly, the body is wrapped in linen bandages which had been soaked in resin. The embalmers would put amulets of power, protection, in between the bandages to keep the body safe as a part of the ‘last judgment’ process for the afterlife. The sarcophagus, a special coffin, was painted to embody the pharaoh. When it was ready, the mummy was placed inside. This technique works so well that to this day the bodies are well preserved.
Chambers are built into the pyramids; many chambers have secret ways to be accessed. Moving the right stone in a wall may open a way. The king’s chamber is very large because he has the most belongings. There are decoy chambers that contain nothing, or are just a pitfall. These fake chambers are difficult to get into so they can be perceived to be important. You can gain access to some chambers by moving a stone in the wall. This sometimes presents a passageway. There...

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