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Wood Vs. Steel Which Is More Environmentally Friendly?

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For over many years mankind has tried to make are world more eco-friendly efficient. People have discussed many different examples like gas vs. electricity, paper vs. plastic, or even wood vs. steel. All these objects have something in common and that is that they all benefit society in some kind of way. People have done research about one of the examples more specifically, wood vs. steel and found pros and cons for both. Steel is more environmentally friendly in ones opinion.
Steel is a light element and is a lot easier to carry than wood. This being, it is easier to work with steel and to make sure you get the best use of it. When you cut a piece of wood it is very different from when you cut steel. The scrap that falls off of steel can be melted down and used to make a new steel post. when you cut off wood you can reuse it but it will not be exactly the same as the material you cut it off ...view middle of the document...

Steel will corrode unless builders us extra coatings of anti corrosives to protect it (Source; Striepe). Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio than wood, meaning that steel components are stronger without adding much weight. That helps make steel structures stronger than wood which is very attractive in areas prone to tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Steel is also termite resistant.making it more durable than wood. (Source; Striepe).
When it comes to home construction wood uses 17% less energy than steel construction. But in most cases steel is more efficient. California and some other states are already moving towards environmentally preferable purchases. These standards that identify the best materials to use for energy conservation, environmental protection and other issues ( Source; Wilson). Steel framing, compared to wood, used 17% more energy; caused 26% more global warming potential; caused a 14% higher level of water emission of concern; and had about the same solid waste disposal impact (Source; Wilson).
Lumber yards now feature sustainable products produced from wood harvested in responsibly managed forests. Environmentalists certify wood as being sustainably harvested by companies that do not clear cut forests. Products manufactured with sustainability in mind will ensure that our wood supply is replenished for generations to come (Source;
Steel framing product can replace a wide range of conventional wood construction. Steel studs do not shrink, rot, twist, or crack. Steel framing is manufactured to exact specifications so theres no cutting and waste at the job site. Steel can also be recycled (Source; Steel framing is also a lot lighter and easier to work with on the jobsite so that the carpenter does not strain a muscle or anything trying to lift a 2x12 on your shoulders.
Some lumber isnt eco-friendly. The trick is to find sustainable forests and other alternatives. People say all wood is eco-friendly because it is a more natural resource than petroleum-based plastic. people reuse products to save material and cost.

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