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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, 1924 in Stanton Virginia.
His Father was Joseph Wilson, a Presbyterian minister who served as chaplain in the Confederate army during the Civil War. His Mother was Jessie Woodrow who was born in England and was the daughter of a minister (Charles River Ed. 80). Wilson’s family lived in Augusta, Georgia during the time the Union Army occupied the area during the Civil War. Wilson was homeschooled because his mother was afraid of how witnessing the violence of the war would influence him. Still unable to read at the age of ten, he may have been dyslexic (Charles River Ed. 99-100).
His academic successfulness improved when his family moved to ...view middle of the document...

Wilson became bored with practicing law and entered John Hopkins University seeking a doctoral degree in Political Science (Charles River Ed. 162)
In 1883 Wilson met Ellen Axson at her father’s Presbyterian Church in Rome, Georgia. Ellen was unable to commit to the relationship because her mother had just died and her father was terminally ill. A few months later, they reunited and became engaged. The couple was married in 1885. They had three daughters together. Ellen passed away in 1914 (Charles River Ed. 143-149). Wilson remarried Edith Galt who had been widowed. Some suspect that she ran the presidency after Wilson’s stroke (Charles River Ed. 793).
Wilson taught Political Science at Princeton and eventually became the University’s president (Charles River Ed. 215-217). Wilson was approached by the Democratic Party of New Jersey in 1910. They stuck a deal that if he could win the Governor’s office of New Jersey, they would nominate him as the Democratic presidential candidate in 1912. He won the governor’s election by a large margin. (Charles River Ed. 326-329). He also won the Presidency in 1912 beating Roosevelt and Taft (Charles River Ed. 404).
During his first term, Wilson proposed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which established a central banking system. Wilson also helped develop the Underwood Tariff in 1913. The Underwood Tariff established a new income tax and lowered taxes on imports and exports. Wilson sought to reduce lawsuits for large companies with the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914. It abolished price discrimination practices (Charles River Ed. 444-476) . In 1914 World War I began, and Wilson seemed determined to stay out of the conflict. When the Germans sank the Lusitania near the end of his first term, Wilson received major criticism for not joining the war (Charles River Ed. 480). Wilson campaigned for his second term on the platform that he would keep the United States out of the war. He narrowly defeated his opponent, Hughes (Charles River Ed. 553). When German submarines began attacking U.S. merchant ships and the U.S. learned of the Zimmerman Telegram from Germany to Mexico—promising Mexico land in the U.S. if Mexico would join...

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