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Woodrow Wilson And His Ability To Be An Effective President

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The theme was to write a paper on a 20th century president and his leadershipDuring Woodrow Wilson's two terms in office he showed to be a great democratic leader in many areas. He managed to accomplish a lot, despite his poor health that he had to deal with since his childhood. Wilson always had a strong interest in government and was always looking for changes and improvements. As president he was never afraid to show a bit of a radical side when it came to making changes. He was constantly pushing for world peace and the avoidance of World War I. Even though he was unsuccessful in avoiding the war he showed to be a great leader during it. He never gave up on anything he was trying to do. His last years of his life were dedicated to convincing the U.S. to join his League of Nations.Woodrow Wilson was born December 28, 1856. Through his childhood he was often sick. This did not keep him from building an interest in education. His father and him would read out loud to each other and discuss the books. If they were not reading often the two would sit and talk about recent events. He later moved onto college and studied American and British political history, public speaking, and law. After college he set up a law practice with Edward Renick. Because he had not learned the field of law thorough while in school, he showed a poor ability to be a lawyer. During this time he was in and out of sickness.( 2 )Wilson did not really want to be a lawyer. His main area of interest was in politics. His first taste of politics was during his term as Governor of New Jersey. He took this seat in office with sites of presidency two years later. He let this be known in aletter he wrote to a friend in June of 1910. In the letter he said this 'It is immediately, as you know, the question of my nomination for the governorship of New Jersey; but that it is the mere preliminary of a plan to nominate me in 1912 for presidency.'(Encarta 5).During his years as governor he showed that he could change his political attitudes. He learned to be a little more patient with other people. Before he found it 'very difficult to work with people who opposed him, and was not receptive to the suggestions of friends who approved his ideals but trusted in slower or modified processes'(Encarta 4). This was shown more during his time of presidency at Princeton University. Wilson's more conservative student body and faculty showed a dislike towards his radical ideas. They did not like the ideas of changing the teaching style and living style. Because of this many of his ideas were turned down.When he first became president he pushed for equality of opportunity for all men, no matter if they were rich or poor (Collier's 509). He presented many new proposals to congress and often he presented these new proposals in person. Wilson also created new agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Trade Commission. He was also responsible for the ratification of the 18th Amendment. In...

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