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WOODSTOCKWoodstock was one of the most amazing and interesting to happen in a small town in upstate New York. At the time Woodstock just happened. People organized it, but what actually happened no one expected. People have tried to imitate Woodstock but because of the state that the world is in, it has never and unless things drastically change, will never happen again. Woodstock is bound to the revolutionary ideas of the sixties and will never be able to be copied.1969 was a big year in US history. At the time, Nixon was the president he claimed he wanted peace, but the Vietnam War was still going on. They were making wars on communism so the world would be a "safer" place. People at Woodstock weren't protesting, but by being at Woodstock it showed that they were for peace and for a whole generation to have a peaceful meaningful protest at a time of chaos was a really great demonstration for the rest of the world. It was also the year that Princeton started admitting woman which was a great step for 1960's feminists and human rights activists. Apollo 11 was sent to the moon and Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever walk on the moon, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Even as everything was evolving and war was raging, people who cared most about the earth found a weekend were they could have peace and a break from what the world was really like. Through music and drugs they found a way to escape from reality and join forces with each other to show everyone that there could be peace without violence.It was the year 1969 and there were two men named John Roberts and Joel Rosenman. Rosenman had inherited a large amount of money from his parents. They were young and had too much money to know what to do with, but didn't want to invest in a high risk venture. Two men named Artie Kornfield and Michael Lang, had a dream to start a recording studio in Woodstock, New York . Kornfield was the vice president of Capitol Records. Lang was the promoter of a large rock concert and manager of the band called train.Rosenman and Roberts were more then surprised when two hippies came to them wanting to start a recording studio out in the middle of Woodstock. They tried to dismiss them by saying they needed a written proposal. Although they clearly wanted to get out of doing something like Woodstock, they gave two complete strangers a chance and agreed. People now would never let anyone they didn't completely trust have that much influence over their business. At the time Woodstock was a quiet town where many rock stars had been moving lately. People like Bob Dylan, The Band, Tim Hardin, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin had all recently moved there. For people living in Woodstock it symbolized the growing culture of being closer with the earth and living from the land. So Kornfield and Lang came back a few weeks later with a written proposal. Rosenman and Roberts decided it couldn't be that bad and they had never done anything...

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