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Woody Guthrie A Great American. Essay

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"I hate a song that makes you think that you're not any good. I hate a song that makes you think you are just born to lose. I am out to fight those kind of songs to my every last breath of air and my last drop of blood."-Woody GuthrieMany in my generation do now not know Woody Guthrie yet his songs are still known by nearly every American. "This land is your land" is now considered a very patriotic song. Not many people know of the original purpose for the song. After seeing people's lives after the depression and having heard over and over again Irving Berlin's "God Bless America," Woody got angry. The quote sited about describe his feelings about songs of this nature. He felt that it told workers not to worry and that everything would settle itself when he knew that was not the case at all.Woody found himself in a fleabag hotel in Times Square writing a song as a cynical response to "God Bless America." A song titled "God Blessed America" in which he would write about the suffering he has seen prom the people. He wrote about his travels, as well private property signs and people standing in front of a relief office. He finished off the piece of notebook paper by clearly writing along the bottom: "All you can write is what you see" and that quote is how Woody wrote all of his songs.On July 14th, 1912, (Okemah, Oklahoma) mother Nora Guthrie gave birth to a boy which they named Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, after the nominated presidential candidate for the Democratic Party at the time. Father, Charley Guthrie was a member of the Democratic Party and it seems like from birth "Woody" (being named after a president), as nicknamed by everyone except him mother, would have and influence on the political aspect of his era.From a very young age Woody has had very difficult times within his family. His mother Nora went insane as a part of the Huntington disease that she was later diagnosed having. His father Charley was at first a county Clerk, then owned a land-trading business. His father's job consisted of fighting and outsmarting people out of their land, and after several year of doing so his finger were broke so many times that they had to be amputated. Seeing all this scared Woody. He would stay out of his has most of the day and tried to make money anyway he could.Around the time Woody was six, oil was discovered in Oklahoma. And because of the rush that was created as a result of the men looking for work, Charley lost his job.School was a whole other issue. He hated school but loved to learn. At times he would cut school and go to the library to read books on different subjects including Philosophy and Physiology. He was a rebel, he hated when people told him what to do. He was also taunted in school because of roomers regarding his mother. Before he was born his house was burn to ashes and many believed that it was Nora who set the house on fire. Then around the time Woody was 8 Nora set his older sister Clara on Fire and killed her.The both of those...

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