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Sample Lesson PlanGCE English Literature H071 H471Unit F661 - Poetry and Prose 1800-1945Virginia Woolf: Mrs DallowayLesson Plan 1: Biographical contextOCR recognises that the teaching of this qualification above will vary greatly from school to school and from teacher to teacher. With that in mind this lesson plan is offered as a possible approach but will be subject to modifications by the individual teacher.Lesson length is assumed to be one hour.Learning Objectives for the Lesson
Objective 1

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which Mrs Dalloway was written and has been received.

Objective 2

Students will be able to explore connections and comparisons between Mrs Dalloway and other works by Virginia Woolf.

Objective 3

Students will be able to articulate creative, informed and relevant responses to Mrs Dalloway.

Recap of previous experience and prior knowledgeReminder of the Specification Aims, Assessment Objectives and text requirements for the Unit (especially AO4 - 'contexts'). Direct students back to explanation of Reader-response theory in Doing English (Eaglestone/Routledge/978 0415346344). Reminder of previous discussion and research: 'What is the novel and where did it come from?'Breakdown of Lesson




Introductory film work

5 minutes

Show students brief sections about Virginia Woolf from the film The Hours (Daldry, 2002) and ask them to write down their initial impressions; brief feedback and discussion.


Biography and context

10 minutes

Present students with a handout/PowerPoint presentation listing: major events in Woolf's life; simultaneous historical events of contextual importance; Woolf's major literary works; themes and concerns in literary works. Ask students to select what they consider to be the most important events and aspects. Lead discussion and encourage justification of ideas.

AO1 and AO4


5 minutes

Present students with brief information about Woolf's relationship with close male figures (father; brothers; husband) and lead discussion about the place of women (and women writers) in society: both in the early twentieth-century and today.

AO1 and AO4





Research and feedback

25 minutes

Divide students into small groups. Ask groups to go away and research briefly (books; internet) in the context of Woolf's life:
Major works (with brief summaries);
Mental illness;
London and its literary life;
Social structure, class and the role of women.
[one topic per group]
Students give brief presentations to the rest of class (and lead discussions). Notes distributed and taken; PowerPoints electronically distributed.

AO1, AO3 and AO4


5 minutes

Distribute copies of To the Lighthouse; students take turns to read aloud from the opening; brief discussion of initial impressions (especially in the context of biographical information already...

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