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Word Experiment Essay

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Word Experiment The experiment started by making up between 1-6 word lists. To make
the experiment easy to understand ill use 2 word lists. On one of the
word lists I put a list of random words which are in different
categories muddled up. For example: Rabbit and horse are both animals
and shoes and trousers are both types of clothing. Now then you muddle
those words up. You need about 24 words because there are 6 categories
with four words in each, 6 x 4 =24. On the second word list use the
same words, but this time put the category names on the sheet with the
right words which fit under the specific category. Once you have done
that you need two groups of people about 5 in each. Present group 1
with one of the word lists and present the other group with the other
list. It doesn't matter which group gets which sheet. Give the
participants one-minute to memorise the names on the sheets. After one
minute has passed, present the group who had the category names the
piece of paper just with the category names on and the other group a
blank piece of paper and tell them to write down all the names they
could remember in two minutes. This procedure can be replicated by
using the information above. The group with the category names (cues),
should remember more words than the group with the muddled up words,
because the group has cues to remind them, however, the other group
hasn't therefore wont remember as many words.

The ethical issues in doing this experiment might involve cheating or
deception. To stop the ethical issues taking place I can make sure,
for the cheating issue, none of the participants are holding pens, so
they don't write the words down instead of remembering them. And for
deception, I can make sure I tell the participants everything that the
experiment contains without withholding information.

The independent variable in this experiment is whether I am going to
use cues or not, and the dependant variable is how many words
participants remember. The extraneous variables could involve things
like a mobile phone going off, or the noise outside or anything that
might not be expected. To make sure the extraneous variables are
controlled, I will make sure the room is well away from any possible
means of noise, and also make sure everybody's mobiles are switched
off. My experimental design is independent measures, meaning I used
two groups. The numbers of participants in each of the two groups is
10. They are mixed so the experiment is fair, and can get a true
result from each gender.

For this experiment I had to use cluster sampling, mainly because it
is a group experiment and I used the participants in my class which
were much easier to find.


The target...

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