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Many state laws require that high school students pass a
standardized test to graduate. These laws are passed to
make sure high schools challenge their students. Businesses
often complain that high school graduates cannot read and
do math needed on the job. Colleges worry that not all high
school graduates can do college work. The tests are used to
see who has the skills expected by employers and colleges.
Standardized tests assess students’ ability to write, read
critically, and do challenging math. The tests are geared to
the skills people need in jobs and in college. Supporters say
standardized testing is fair because all students are graded
using the same criteria. For example, writing might be
graded by how many examples the students give.
Some people think graduation tests are unfair to students
who are learning English. These students might know
the information but have trouble understanding the test
questions. Other students might have trouble focusing their
attention. Their test scores might not show what they really
Students in different schools learn different things. The
standardized test might not correspond to what some
students were taught in a particular school. Students in
another school, however, might find the test matched what
they learned in class, which some people argue isn’t fair.
Some people also worry that standardized tests make
teachers just cover what is on the test. Teachers might not
formulate lessons that will be interesting to their students.
Other people think that standardized testing is valuable, but
that there should be different ways for students to show that
they are ready to graduate.
Do standardized tests hold all students to high standards? Or
do they unfairly keep some students from graduating?
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UNIT 2.01
Word Generation
This week’s issue:
standardized | assess | criteria | correspond | formulate
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UNIT 2.01
Word Generation | Series 2A | Unit 2.01 | wordgeneration.org 2
standardized | assess | criteria | correspond | formulate
standardized (adjective) the same for everyone
Sample Sentence: In many states, high school students must pass a standardized test to graduate.
Turn and Talk: Should there be a standardized curriculum for all students in the U.S.?
assess (verb) to judge the quality of; to evaluate
Sample Sentence: Many tests assess students’ ability to write, read critically, and do challenging math.
Turn and Talk: How do you assess whether a friend is still upset with you after you’ve had an argument?
criteria (noun) standards or rules used to make a decision
Sample Sentence: Keisha met all the criteria in her math class and earned an “A” for the semester.
Turn and Talk: What are your criteria for deciding that a movie or book was excellent?
correspond (verb) to match
Sample Sentence: Standardized tests might not correspond to what some students were taught in a...

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