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Word Of Mouse Case Study

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James Holliday


Word-of-Mouse Assignment

Jobs that I identified are Project Manager 3, Accountant 3, and Human Resources Manager.

Which jobs are paid more or less? Is this what you would have expected? Why or why not? What factors could explain the differences in the salaries?

Project Manager 3 is paid the most. This surprised me because I assumed the Human Resources Manager would have been paid the most. The differences in salaries might be explained by an increase in demand for Project managers.

Do the jobs have different bonuses as a percentage of their base salaries? What could explain these differences?

Yes they do have different bonuses as a percentage of their base salaries. This could be explained by the variance in the salaries between each of the jobs.

Do the data include the value of stock options? What are the implications of this?

Yes. The data states 401k/403b median amounts which includes both stock and bond options.

Read the job descriptions. Are they accurate descriptions for jobs that you would be applying for? Why or why not? Are there jobs for which you cannot find an appropriate match? Why do you think this is the case?

The descriptions are accurate for the jobs. They let you know what work is entitled, who you will report to and how much experience is needed. There may be jobs that you cannot find an appropriate match and this is due to the job being listed with a different job title.

Check out pay levels for these types of jobs in your school's career office. How does the pay for jobs advertised in your career office differ from the pay levels on Why do you think these differences exist?

The pay is lower than the pay levels posted on The difference exists due to geography, the relevant labor market and the demand for the position.

How could you use this information while negotiating your salary in your job after graduation? What data would you provide to support your "asking price"? What factors will influence whether or not you get what you ask for?

I could utilize this data by stating that the national average for the position I am applying for falls within a certain pay range when asked about the salary that I would like to receive. Factors influencing whether or not I get what I ask for is experience, education level, and whether or not the interviewer got a good impression from me that...

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