Word Processing Practice Test Essay

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Practice TestChapter 1 Study GuideCorrect answers in GREEN. Your answers in BLUE. Review Page1. Character formatting includes ________ .A: alignment B: indentation C: embossing D: spacing above lines WD312. To underline a word, select the text and click the ________ button on the ________ toolbar.A: Underline Standard B: Underline, Drawing C: Underline, Formatting D: Underline, Picture WD423. To minimize the risk of injury to your wrists, use the ________ to scroll if your fingers are already on the keyboard.A: mouse B: keyboard keys C: mouse wheel D: scroll box WD254. The ________ feature in Word allows you to type continually without pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line.A: Textwrap B: Overtype C: Wordwrap D: Click and type WD225. To display different portions of your document in the document window, use the ________ .A: insertion point B: status bar C: rulers D: scroll bars WD116. To print a document, click the Print button on the ________ .A: Formatting toolbar B: File menu C: Picture toolbar D: Standard toolbar WD537. If your screen normally displays dark letters on a light background, selected text will display ________ .A: light letters on a dark background B: dark letters on a darker background C: dark letters on a light background D: none of the above WD338. To scroll upward in a document, ________ .A: drag the scroll box down B: drag the scroll box up C: double-click the scroll bar D: type UP WD249. Font size is determined by a measurement system called ________ .A: inches B: rulers C: points D: centimeters WD1610. To hide spelling errors until you are ready to check the document, right-click the Spelling and Grammar status icon the click ________ .A:...

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4161 words - 17 pages the organization of behavior. Psychological Review 66, 1X3-201. Geiselman, R.E., J.A. Woodward and J. Beatty, 1982. Individual differences in verbal memory performance: a test of alternative information processing models. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 111, 109-134. Golden, C.J., 1976. Identification of brain disorders by the Stroop color and word test. Journal of Clinical Psychology 32, 654-658. Hartley, E.R. and R.G. Adams, 1974

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1136 words - 5 pages the hardest level of processing. The person taking the test has to understand what kicked and tree means and put an appropriate word into the sentence. This uses deep semantic memory. * According to Craik and Lockhart rehearsal was not as essential as LOP. They distinguished between two types of LOP - Simple Maintenance Rehearsal which simply holds information but does not necessarily lead

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925 words - 4 pages interaction produces meaning. One of the most important aspects of this theory has to do with the reader making predictions about what they are reading (top down processing) while at the same time, they are using visual cues from the text to test these predictions (bottom down processing). Unlike the subskill theory where there is excessive focus on words and skills are stressed more than meaning, the transactive theory takes it one step further


835 words - 3 pages Dyslexia: A condition some people are born with, which is primarilycharacterized by difficulty with language.Dyslexia is one of several distinct learning disabilities. It is a specificlanguage-based disorder of constitutional origin characterized by difficulties insingle word decoding, usually reflecting insufficient phonological processingabilities. These difficulties in single word decoding are often unexpected inrelation to age and other

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