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Word Structure Essay

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Daria Zagreba, 3aATask 1The word beggarly can be segmented into two morphemes: beggar- + -ly.Semantically beggar- is a root-morpheme; -ly is an affix.Structurally beddar- is a free morpheme; -ly is a bound morpheme.The word postman can be segmented into two morphemes: post- + man-.Semantically post- and man- are root-morphemes.Structurally post- and man- are free morphemes.The word shorten can be segmented into two morphemes: short- + -en.Semantically short- is a root-morpheme; -en is an affix.Structurally short- is a free morpheme; -en is a bound morpheme.The word destabilize can be segmented into two morphemes: de- + stabilize-.Semantically de- is an affix; stabilize- is a root-morpheme.Structurally de- is a bound morpheme; stabilize- is a free morpheme.The word sympathy can be segmented into one morpheme: sympathy-.Semantically sympathy- is a root-morpheme.Structurally sympathy- is a free morpheme.The word fruitfulness can be segmented into three morphemes: fruit- + -ful + -ness.Semantically fruit- is a root-morpheme; -ful and -ness are affixes.Structurally fruit- is a free morpheme; -ful and -ness are bound morphemes.The word maltreatment can be segmented into the morphemes: mal- + treat- + -ment.Semantically mal- and treat- are root-morphemes; -ment is an affix.Structurally mal- and treat- are free morphemes; -ment is a bound morpheme.The word disaffected can be segmented into two morphemes: dis- + affected-.Semantically dis- is an affix; affected- is a root-morpheme.Structurally dis- is a bound morpheme; affected- is a free morpheme.The word overrule can be segmented into two morphemes: over- + rule-.Semantically over- is an affix; rule- is a root-morpheme.Structurally over- is a semi-bound morpheme; rule- is a free morpheme.The word photographic can be segmented into two morphemes: photograph- + -ic.Semantically photograph- is a root-morpheme; -ic is an affix.Structurally photograph- is a free morpheme; -ic is a bound morpheme.The word half-eaten can be segmented into two morphemes: half- + eaten-.Semantically half- is an affix; eaten- is a root-morpheme.Structurally half- is a semi-bound morpheme; eaten- is a free morpheme.The word theory can be segmented into one morpheme: theory-.Semantically theory- is a root-morpheme.Structurally theory- is a free morpheme.The word rent-free can be segmented into two morphemes: rent- + free-.Semantically rent- and free- are root-morphemes.Structurally rent- and free- are free morphemes.Task 2The lexical meaning of the root-morpheme eye- is 'each of a pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and animals'. The lexical meaning of the affixational morpheme -let is 'diminution'. The word eyelet is rendered in Russian by the word 'глазик'.The lexical meaning of the root-morpheme house- is 'a building for human habitation, especially one that consists of a ground floor and one or more upper storeys'. The lexical meaning of the affixational morpheme -de is...

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603 words - 3 pages , English is the lexifier of the language for Tok Pisin, with estimated word contributions of 77% of the vocabulary, while Tolai, the local vernacular language, contributes as the substrate. Since a Pidgin was developed to serve a very narrow range of functions in a very restricted set of domains, they tend to have a simplified structure and a small vocabulary compared with a fully develop languages. Words generally do not have inflections, as in

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2392 words - 10 pages follows the same structure. Since the verbs are at the end of the sentences they are called 'left branching languages'\cite{r1}. While English follows a different structure with right branching syntax. If we consider the formation of words, word boundary is not well defined in case of Malayalam and Hindi so they are agglutinate languages but English is not. All these three languages have three types of gender forms namely masculine, feminine and

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882 words - 4 pages specific structure theory variaSublist 2 of Academic Word List - Most Frequent Words in Families This sublist contains the second most frequent words in the Academic Word List from the Academic Corpus. achieve acquisition administration affect appropriate aspects assistance categories chapter commission community complex computer conclusion conduct consequences construction consumer credit cultural design distinction elements equation evaluation


736 words - 3 pages organizations in the 21st century. Upper Saddle River, N J: Prentice Hall, 1998 Nohria, Nitin and Robert G. Eccles. Networks and Organizations: Structure, Form, and Action. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1992. Wheelen, Thomas L. and David J. Hunger. Strategic Management: and Business Policy. 6th ed. New York: Addison-Wesley, 1998 Word Count: 657

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