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Word That Wound Response Essay

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Words that wound is a short story about the effects of bullying on children these days. In the story, Kathleen Vails explains the harsh outcomes that have come from vicious bullying attacks. Bullying sadly claims the lives of numerous young people every day. Bullies do not just stick to “conventional bullying” anymore, where only name calling is used. Bullies are taking things to another level and going as far as physically attacking their victims. While, both types of bullying can lead to death, the problem is becoming rapidly uncontrollable. More has to be done to protect young people from bullying and help overcome the problem
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I became content with a natural and healthy me. Now I am more confident than I ever was, I workout to maintain my weight and I feel comfortable in the skin that I am in. However, I still remember those vicious words told to me by my junior high school bullies. My bullying experience didn’t have a negative effect on my but it could have if I didn’t have loving teachers and family reminding me to love myself.
Even though people like myself can grow and learn from bullying, others cannot. Bullying is a major problem in schools. It is often a hidden problem and goes unnoticed by surrounding adults. As in my story, no adults were aware of my bullying situation, but I think they started to put the pieces together when I began losing too much weight and kept stating that I was fat. Young people are often left feeling insecure and these insecurities can lead them to wanting to end their precious lives. Nothing as simple as bullying should ever resort to death. Children should feel safe while they are in schools which is what their parents send them there for. No parent wants their child to feel threatened and insecure at school. Bullies should never go unpunished because lives can quickly be claimed by this act. More needs to be done to fix the bullying problem before it continues to escalate and cause even more severe consequences.
If I could help fix the problem, I would have harsher consequences for bullies. I would require bullies to face suspension as opposed to verbal punishment because this often does not solve anything. With the fear of being suspended, bullies would simmer down and possibly stop their actions. I would also require repeated offenders to attend counseling with their parental guardians as well as the victims and their parental...

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