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Even in the year 2014, genocide is a preeminent problem all across the planet. Genocide is the execution of a certain group of people. One of the most well-known occurrence of mass-murder is the Holocaust which started more than seventy-five years ago. During the Holocaust, Jews and the Romani were targeted, resulting in more than six million deaths. However, this form of carnage did not stop there and continued to occur in various countries. The Holodomor which took place in the Ukrainian SSR had the second largest estimated death toll in the history of all genocides. This genocide only lasted one year but resulted in the execution of more than two million Ukrainians. In November of 2013, ...view middle of the document...

The third theory is that the government is trying to implement certain ideas and structure the country based on race, religion, etc. For example, if the government is trying to demonstrate that a group of people is inferior to others, then they may use genocide to exhibit this ideology. The premise behind these acts may be comprehensible, but violence is never the answer. Someone should not be slaughtered because they are of a certain ethnicity, religion, etc. Clearly, the countries that have resorted to genocide had a plan in mind even though these ideologies could have been implemented without the death of innocent commoners.
Insensitivity is the main cause behind these killings, but if certain precautions are taken into account, genocide can be prevented. First of all, one must be educated about genocide and personally pledge to advocate for genocide prevention. This pledge can be made personally or you can make a pledge with genocide prevention organizations. The second step is to make sure that our government, the UN, and the International Criminal Court is aware of all the genocides...

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