"Words Are More Powerful And Treacherous Than We Think" J.P.Sartre.

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"Word is a unit of language which has meaning and is used with others to form sentences, promises, comands and messages" (Oxford Dicxtionary). Words carries a specific emotional charge. Words are studied through the whole life, at school, during meetings or even watching TV. If we hear something it is saved in our brain at short notice. The avider readers we are, the more words are known, because books have been said to be the best tutor of language for ages. Many words possess a double meaning, hence if we would like to express something we ought to remember about choosing an appropriate context in order to shun being wrongly-understandable.It is my contention that words are more powerful than we think that they are, moreover the vast majority of us do not realize of both significance and how treacherous words are. I am sure that everybody has ever been in touch with being wrongly-understandable, because of using not as preciese context of a sentence as there should be used. Such a situtaion is allowed in some specific walks of life, for instance there where people are not well-educated, and where they do not represent some communities. Politicians and media speakers ought to be careful what they say and what words are used by them, because everyting is able to influence our lives. Recently I have watched TV and heard that a very famous politician had said something about another one, in that connection that second man was suspected for the treason of his country. In that situation, we are able to see how important and powerful words are. Furthermore, we can meet with negative feature of terms in our common life, for example, when a girl gets together with her boyfriend and vice versae, she/he is able to...

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