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Words are the strongest tool people possess; one word can create a thousand emotions, while one sentence can carry someone through the world, and that is where I become the person I want to be. I am extremely shy and boring by nature; I am the person who sits so quietly in the classroom that the teacher forgets I am even apart of his or her class. However, books give me the chance to live outside my comfort zone and adventure to places I never thought imaginable. A brand new hardback brings me the kind of bliss that an Olympian receives after winning his first gold metal; nothing compares to the feeling of excitement I get when I brush my fingers across the cover, and open up the book for the smell of paper that fills my nose, as I fan the pages. Reading transports me to places that my feet cannot travel and gives me a chance to escape my troubles for a few hours, which is why I do not understand how the appeal is fading. One book can teach me patience, expand my knowledge, ...view middle of the document...

I know I can benefit from a little more patience, so why not learn in a way that brings me the greatest joy.
Patience is only one specific virtue that I gain from reading, but wisdom is the strongest quality a person can gain and have throughout life. Some people have the ability to sing and some may be a star athlete, however, the gift of wisdom and knowledge was placed into my hands. I taught myself how to read before kindergarten and from then on my mom invested into buying me books that now fill my bookshelves and even a few dresser drawers at home; I call my bookshelves “my collection of wisdom,” because everything I have learned about animals, history, or life have come from my assortment of texts. Learning is the most pleasurable activity I can do; the value of a hardback is much higher for me, as wisdom makes me the richest person even in the poorest circumstances.
Wisdom, joy, and patience are all great aspects to acquire from a novel, yet I gained something even better through my love of words. The stories of all the characters have become my own in many ways, while the characters themselves are my friends who have taught me lessons, made me laugh, and dragged me on wonderful adventures. As a little kid, I dreamed of flying with Peter Pan under the night sky sprinkled with bright stars, but as I grew up I attend the spectacular parties by Gatsby, the best guy a girl could ever have. I love being able to go on adventures outside of my dreams, and connecting with characters in a way that I cannot with the people around me; I carry all of them with me, tucked away safe for a lonely day. These tales and personalities are more than silly bedtime stories; they have become my true happiness in life.
Books are my prime form of entertainment and company when no one is around; they give me a way to escape reality meet a whole new world of people. I have learned that lessons can be learned outside of the real word, and that a good book can lead to more than just a hobby to pass time; it can be an adventure of a lifetime. Without the black letters on flimsy pages, life would not hold quite as much joy because a paperback does not just hold words, but my dreams.

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