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Military has been predominant in our society: a statistic showed that world military spending in 2012 went over 1.7 trillion dollars. Its present everywhere: in the news, on TV, in videogames and in movie. A movie example could be Brothers, where we can relate situations to certain themes. Within this analysis, I will relate the movie to three major themes: men’s relationship to war, war and patriarchy and women’s relationship to war.
In overall, the movie is about a marine Captain (Sam) who leaves on his mission to Afghanistan, leaving his wife (Grace) and his two daughters behind. He’s also leaving his brother (Tommy), a criminal who just got out of jail for robbing a bank. While Sam being on mission and being captured as prisoners (presumed dead), Tommy looks after Grace and his two nieces, creating a strong bond between them, and helping the family go through its grief. When Sam comes home, he’s totally changed: he becomes a cold man suffering of PTSD and paranoia, and suspects his wife and his brother have had sex together. In the end, he attempts suicide, after having a rage breakout because of his daughter (she said that Grace and Tommy had slept together), and is sent off to a psychiatric clinic. He also tells his wife about what really happened while he was in his mission, how he killed Private Joe.
Men’s relationship to war
The film somehow suggests that the war experience confirms a young man’s manhood. We can see how Sam, successful captain in the US marines, is praised by his father in comparison with Tommy, who has spent most of his life getting into trouble. Hank, Tommy and Sam’s father, at one point states that Tommy should grow up, be a hero, just like his brother. In a way, war is reflected as a competition to see who has success and who doesn’t. Also, when Sam becomes prisoner, we see how the bond between brothers in arm is strong, until the limit is attained. He says to his hometown private, Joe, that he [Sam] is all what he have, that he doesn’t have a family, he only has him and that he should not say anything to the Taliban, no matter what. Sadly, this bond is broken when Sam is subjected to kill his own peer, because he is threatened at gunpoint by his abductors. This leads us to the next point, that war weakens men with the awful experience they live through. The movie presents us the vivid and realistic image of a Post-Traumatic stress disorder in Sam, one of the main characters of the movie. After being held prisoner and being tortured, Sam comes back to his family, but he is not the same. His daughters fear him, claiming that he is not the same as he used to be before his mission. He is tense and paranoiac: at a certain point, after hearing a dog bark outside, he pulls out his gun (that he always carries on) and looks outside. He also thinks that Tommy, who was around to help in the house while Grace and her two daughters were dealing with grief, slept with Sam’s wife. This clearly shows us that war has a very...

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