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Effort And Awareness Are Necessary For Liberation

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The universal truth that effort and awareness are necessary for liberation is evident in the song “Wavin’ Flag” by K’NAAN, essay “What is Poverty?” by Theodore Dalrymple and documentary “Solar Mamas” by Mona Eldaief and Jehane Noujaim through effective presentation of the Marxist Literary Theory. Firstly, the universal truth that effort and awareness are necessary for liberation is displayed in the essay “What is Poverty?” by Theodore Dalrymple through the idea that ignorance restricts enlightenment. Ignorance makes an individual blind o he world, unaware of the truth and reality. To be aware and to escape ignorance, effort is required True liberation of the mind, body, and soul leads to enlightenment. Both lack of effort and awareness are up to the individual, and thus, liberation and enlightenment are up to the individual as well. To achieve liberation, one must take the effort, and one must dispel ignorance by being aware. This is displayed in the essay through a quote;
Moreover, political authority in the countries in which I worked was arbitrary, capricious, and corrupt… Yet nothing I saw—neither the poverty nor the overt oppression—ever had the same devastating effect on the human personality as the undiscriminating welfare state. I never saw the loss of dignity, the self-centeredness, the spiritual and emotional vacuity, or the sheer ignorance of how to live, that I see daily in England. In a kind of pincer movement, therefore, I and the doctors from India and the Philippines have come to the same terrible conclusion: that the worst poverty is in England—and it is not material poverty but poverty of soul. (Dalrymple, 6)
In reference to the quote, the “poverty and overt oppression” in countries like Africa did not stop the people from being aware. In England, the people suffered from something worse; the “poverty of the soul”. Dalrymple uses his as a metaphor to present the ignorance of the individuals. Their ignorance is a hindrance that prevents them from taking effort, and thus prevents them from achieving complete liberation. They are free as individuals, but not free in their minds; their feelings of entitlement come from ignorance, which in turn stops hem from taking action and rising above to live a better life. As long as they keep viewing the benefits they get as entitlements, they will keep preventing themselves from taking any actions or making efforts. However, despite the poor conditions in Africa, the people continue to fight and do not lose hope; they are not ignorant. Furthermore, in reference to the Marxist theory, for proletariats to achieve emancipation, they must be enlightened; to be enlightened, they must be aware. In England, the lower class is not exploited by the upper class, and thus, they are the only ones to blame for their ignorance. However, in Africa, the proletariats are oppressed and exploited by the bourgeoisie; yet, they are aware and taking effort. They are enlightened. Whether or not the lower class...

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