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Work And Vocation: What They Mean To The Individual

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Human beings are exposed to the idea of “work” at an early age, which in turn leads to his or her general understanding of profession. Ultimately, this understanding leads to children desiring to be certain “things” when they grow up. Most of these professions, such as being a ballerina, a fireman, or an athlete, appeal to children because overall, these professions seem outstandingly interesting, fun, and exciting. As a person ages, he or she tends to lose these fantasies and instead aims for a profession that is a little more realistic. After realizing that his or her dream profession is no more than a “dream,” one appears to make the transition from an obliviously ignorant little boy or girl to an adult basing his or her decisions on standards of personal, societal, and/or economical importance.
Upon entering the realm of awareness (sometimes even forcefully through one’s entrance into college), one views all professions generally, and eventually one profession entirely, from every aspect. For instance, one might view a profession as an athlete as being “stupid” and “pointless” to get into because the job outlook is low. This person more than likely views most professions the same way- ignorant of these professions as a whole mostly through negative understandings of them. This same person, in contrast, definitely views his or her own profession differently. He or she could love or hate their profession, but there is great justification for these feelings. He or she has experienced their profession firsthand and is therefore in the right to admire or criticize his or her own profession.
Being aware of one’s own profession as a whole is beneficial. Awareness enables a person to decide earnestly if the profession he or she is involved in is the profession he or she is meant to have- his or her calling, or vocation. At the same time, however, just being aware of one’s own profession in its entirety is not at all good. If one does not know if the profession he or she is involved in is truly right for him or her or even if he or she definitely knows the profession is not right, he or she, if unaware of other options, is pretty much forced into maintaining the profession he or she has, despite the displeasure he or she is experiencing while in the professional setting of their choosing. What is more is that, consequentially, he or she might feel a tremendous amount of regret for not having other options, or perhaps for not taking chances when they knew they could take them.
Oftentimes college students (such as myself, who happens to be a student still trying to determine a definite career path) are struggling. He or she does not wish to make the wrong choices, especially the entirely wrong choices, when it comes to determining a major(s)/minor(s). He or she is aware that if a wrong decision is made on their part, he or she will be fully responsible for all that is relevantly consequential in the future. College students, as a result, often...

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