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Work Based Learning Logbook Essay

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CONTENTS-Pre Placement Questionnaire-Job Description-SMART Goal Setting-Work Diary One- Work Diary Two- Work Diary Three- Employer's Feedback Form One- Employer's Feedback Form Two- Employer's Feedback Form Three- Appendices- ReferencesPre Placement QuestionnaireI would like to take this opportunity to identify three things I hope to gain from my placement over the next year by focusing my attention on my work.1. To accomplish the standard of supervisory rolesAs I have been offered as a trainee supervisor for my development plane in hotel, it is far better to understand the standard of supervisory role thoroughly to get my job done successfully.Most of time I need to liaise with my colleagues and line manager to run the department round the clock. On top of that conducting daily team meeting, training staff, and attending management meeting are the part of the roles.Thus, understanding daily business, planning for the business, and operating the business are the main supervisory roles that I have to be aware of.2. To understand different character of departmentsMy development plan that hotel has offered as my placement was planning to accomplish three different departments which are Conference and Banqueting, Restaurant, and Bar. I would say it is good opportunity to learn not only Food and Beverage area but also conference and event area. It is also important to understand each department and operate in correct way of standard of hotel.Finally, I believe that I can understand the system of these three departments as own faculty.3. To develop interpersonal skillsInterpersonal skills are one of the main benefits using in hospitality industry. Specially managing skills are big roles of supervisor.Working in hospitality like hotel involves quite often working with people and for people. When I started I was advised to become a team-player which means I am not working on my own but together with people. Communication is a fine key to liaise with colleagues and line manager and managing people is another key to lead a team.I also clarify that I try to develop as many interpersonal skills as possible with line manager because we, both party, understand that interpersonal skills are very crucial to perform our business.Goal Setting / Action Programme FormatSMART ObjectivesSpecific Objectives Means of Measurement Means of Achievement Relevance Timescale OutcomesReflectionIncreasing communication skills by trainingTo see feedback and to do job chat Keep monitoring and collecting informal feedback Communication skills are one of the main keys to operate the business Every three month during performance review and ongoing Effective communication when dealing with customersReach the target of 85% GSS( Guest Satisfaction Survey)To make sure all meeting rooms are up to Brand Standard To Carry out self-auditing with collogues Guest-focused service By April,2005 As achived at 86%Reach the financial performance target of £838,000 of salesTo assist line...

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