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When we got a notice from our tutors saying that some people hadn't got a placement for their work experience. I instantly knew that I was one of the unlucky ones, and images of Safeway's and Woolworth's came flooding into my head. I was later informed that the best Trident could offer me was hard physical labour, or coffee making. So in an act of desperation my father persuaded me that working for his air-conditioning company in an office would be an exciting, and educational way to spend my week.How wrong could I be! Work began at 9:00 am sharp on Monday morning, but being my first day my dad insisted on being there early to give a good first impression. How kind! In the office I was met by a warm, friendly looking woman, and I thought to myself that this week wouldn't be so bad after all. Wrong again! She had just popped down to say hello and pass me onto the facilities manager who was a short, ginger man with thick glasses, who only had a few teeth here and there, and as a result projected little balls of saliva in my direction when ever he talked. Lovely! John took me on a tour of the building, including the very cold and wet roof to show me the air-conditioning units. Once we were in from the storm I was given a very brief talk on the health and safety procedures: "If you hear the fire alarms going off, leg it to the nearest door." At this a laughed and hoped he was just joking. John then went on to tell me that the company was part of a large organisation that makes military planes, and warned me that the building might be hit by an Afghan terrorist in an airplane. Once again I laughed and wished he was joking. I was then sat at a computer and told to do a presentation on their chiller range, I didn't have a clue what they were on about but tried my best and they seemed to be pleased with the outcome. The day finally came to an end at 5:30 and the long journey in the car began.Tuesday brought more fun and excitement in the office with the start of a project...

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888 words - 4 pages For my work experience I had apply to a company for a two week placement, and this had to be done through proper procedures, so I had to make sure my curriculum vitae was up to date and well presented. I first began to think what type of work experience would I most enjoy and benefit from. I thought I would like to work in a computer related placement since I am doing IT as a GCSE and I have a keen interest in it. I went along to the carers

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1408 words - 6 pages Work experiment placement For work experience I covered 50 hours working at the ‘The Gym Group’ based in Ilford throughout a 3 week period. My shifts were Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am till 4pm for the first 2 weeks, and in the third week they were from 10am till 3pm. In this report I will feedback on the task and roles which I had to take up within my work place and also what skills I gained from working at ‘The Gym’. On the first day, I

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1701 words - 7 pages Work Experience Report I had accepted to do two weeks of work experience at the Boots Pharmacy, as a shop floor sales assistant. To be honest, I had no idea what the firm manufactured or the type of work involved. I woke up on a Monday morning, prepared and organized, which was incredibly unusual. I was extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of working. As I sat on the H91 bus with my mp3 music player on

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986 words - 4 pages ABU DHABI MEN'S COLLEGEHigher Colleges Of TechnologyWork Experience IFINAL REPORTABOUT THE WORK EXPERIENCEObjective.Our objective to is to work in a place for four weeks full time. In my case I had to work from 7 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon for four weeks. That makes it 20 days and 7 hours a day and that is total of 140 hours from April 14 to May 12 but sometimes we had during the weekend to do extra work. I worked in

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1237 words - 5 pages My Work Experience When you're young you want to be everything. A vet, a zookeeper, a teacher, a mum! It's not until you get older that you realise life isn't actually that simple. The choice broadens; the status of job becomes an issue and expectations rise. Evidently I have no idea what I want to do or be in the future, which will totally satisfy my needs, enjoyment and my parents' expectations. So when we were

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4295 words - 17 pages Social Policy Work Experience I am currently participating in a project named 'Curtain Call' which is organised by Hallam Volunteering. Hallam volunteering is part of the students union at Sheffield Hallam University. The organisation is led by students, it is controlled and managed by one head student who is elected to take control by other students via a vote. It does however have five members of staff who are not

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1795 words - 7 pages ‘Learning through experience is the normal, common place approach to learning, and we take it for granted.’ Miller and Boud (1996) After my work experience at Franklin College and St Mary’s school, I whole heartedly agree with this statement. During my life I have taken my experiences for granted for example throughout my academic career and vocational encounters I haven’t really reflected on them. Swedish research that was later developed by

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1391 words - 6 pages My Work Experience at a Primary School For my work experience I received a placement at Primary School. It is located in Wyke, Bradford and provides education for children aged three to eleven. I attended High Fernley primary school for two weeks; my work placement began on 27 September and ended on 9 October. Each day I arrived at 8.30amand normally finished at 3.10pm; sometimes I would work slightly longer in order

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859 words - 4 pages igknoledged that I had arrived. I immediately felt out of place, and quickly realized that the local grocery store didn’t feel as comfortable as it once did while shopping there. The manger decided that she wanted me to start training that day, and without any notice left me with another cashier to learn the work. I trained for the remaining of an eight hour shift. Before I left for the day, the manger asked me to come back to the store for more

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1914 words - 8 pages Work experience & Educational Background Currently I am the sore owner of Edwards’ HRM Consultant Services, and has been owner operator since September 15, 2012. From 2001-2008, I worked for Dan & Stone Landscaping Services, where I did monthly billing, customers and employees scheduling. From 1977-1996, I was employed by General Motors Corporation in Pontiac, Michigan, where I worked as an assembly worker, but from time to time was asked to do

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4372 words - 17 pages Work Experience I didn't choose what my work placement was to be. I turned up at Miss Franklin's office nervously hoping that I would get a good placement. She sat me down and looked through some documents. She pulled a wad out and told me that she had found a convenient work placement. She showed me the letters, and the title was BUPA Hospital, Marketing Department, Bushey. The first thought that sprang into my head

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2211 words - 9 pages Work Experience Work experience. The first time those words were mentioned I felt a cold shiver slowly descend down my back. Images of spending a week with unknown people in dead-end jobs flooded into my head. It was obviously going to be far too much effort for what it was worth. Yet, another side of me said do I want to be watching paint dry, or even watching grass grow.’ This is not where I want to be. I want to be

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1626 words - 7 pages Work Experience I absolutely had no idea what I wanted to do for work experience. I had about three different options, but I always had a negative thoughts. One was to work in a bank of any sort. Well, the good things were that I think it would be fun and it does make you look smart and important. The negatives where that, to be totally honest, I was really good at money! I wasn't that smart in maths and was also a bit