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Work Experience

I didn't choose what my work placement was to be. I turned up at Miss
Franklin's office nervously hoping that I would get a good placement.
She sat me down and looked through some documents. She pulled a wad
out and told me that she had found a convenient work placement. She
showed me the letters, and the title was BUPA Hospital, Marketing
Department, Bushey. The first thought that sprang into my head was,
how tedious. Then I took some time to think about the ups and downs of
it. I do live in Bushey and it is not even five minutes drive from my
house. Also my business studies coursework is about marketing so I
might gain some useful knowledge that would help me with that.

Miss Franklin had gone to a great deal of trouble arranging the
placement for me so I did not turn it down. I thought the format was
that she had organised the placement just for me as my preference had
been for experience in office work. I did not realise that I had the
option to change what she had offered me. I found out later that three
of my friends had been offered this placement before it was offered to

Miss Franklin gave me a long important-looking form to fill out and
told me that I would need to take in my passport and other proof of
identification. This worried me at first; then I found out it was just
because BUPA is a private hospital and there are certain
confidentiality rules that I had to adhere to. Such as, if I were to
see someone that I knew in one of the wards, then I would not be able
to tell anyone that I had seen them.

I spoke to all my friends about where they are going and none of them
seemed as nervous as me, which made me feel a bit better. Most of
their placements sounded like fun; for example my friend Andrew was
going to Watford Football Club, and another friend to a leisure
centre. I realised that mine might not be as exciting or eventful as
theirs but I considered that my placement might be a more useful
experience for later life.

My mother is friendly with quite a lot of people who work at BUPA. She
spoke to quite a close friend of hers who answers to my supervisor and
was told that she is a great lady and I would have a lot of fun with
her. My mother was also told that there could be a chance of a
part-time job after school and on Saturdays. This inspired me to work
really hard for them in order try to impress everyone.

I had not done any research into the company apart from a brief look
at their web site but I felt that I knew sufficient information for a
preliminary interview. I hoped to learn some very important life
skills and gain some great experience, which would be of use to me in
later life. I was hoping to gain work on computer skills, as I feel I
am competent in this area and could impress if I were to be given the
chance. As I...

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