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Work Experience I Essay

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ABU DHABI MEN'S COLLEGEHigher Colleges Of TechnologyWork Experience IFINAL REPORTABOUT THE WORK EXPERIENCEObjective.Our objective to is to work in a place for four weeks full time. In my case I had to work from 7 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon for four weeks. That makes it 20 days and 7 hours a day and that is total of 140 hours from April 14 to May 12 but sometimes we had during the weekend to do extra work. I worked in a GHQ Armed Forces in maintenance and repair section my workplace supervisor was Lt. Col. Eng. Mohammed Al-Bushlaibi and my college coordinator was Mr. Yahya Farah from the electronic engineering department in Abu Dhabi Men's College, which made the work placement more interesting after he explained it to my manager. The college coordinator and the workplace supervisor made a plan for me to work during the four weeks.Summarizing the work placement and skills learned.I summarized the six tasks that I had during the work placement. Then I highlighted the point I learned from these tasks:I worked in the administration office and did some office work.I learned how to write letters, memos and faxes to other department.I learned other skills of how to manage office work.I worked in the maintenance section.I learned how to maintain a computer hard disk.I learned how to install software and hardware.I learned what kind of precaution I have to take before working with any electrical equipment.I learned how to replace some HD, CD, …etc.I learned how to specify what is the problem and who is the right person to send to the customer.I learned that there are different types of computers and each one is specialist in special field.I was given a task to convert Arabic written report from Mac to PC.I learned there are similarities between different computer typesI understood there are some problems between different computers.I learned there are some difficulties to solve the problemsI learned to look around for problem solutions.I learned that difficulties could be solved if we looked closer at them.I learned that sometimes you should learn something that you could use once.I learned to use my knowledge and understanding to solve the problem.I learned to try any possible way to finish the job in the required time.I also learned that it is not shameful to say "I don't know how to do it".I understood that an easy job may take a long time.I had to buy a special computer with printers with special specifications for one of the departments.I learned that when I have to order a computer I have to know what kind of computer I need, how good it should be, and what kind of job it would be involved in.I learned how to make some pressure on some companies to make them reduce their prices.I learned how to...

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