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Work Experience Program And Choosen Career Field

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Work experience & Educational Background
Currently I am the sore owner of Edwards’ HRM Consultant Services, and has been owner operator since September 15, 2012. From 2001-2008, I worked for Dan & Stone Landscaping Services, where I did monthly billing, customers and employees scheduling. From 1977-1996, I was employed by General Motors Corporation in Pontiac, Michigan, where I worked as an assembly worker, but from time to time was asked to do clerical work, then quality control, and later became a United Way Representative for General Motors Corporation employees, both hourly and salary. From 1971-1975, I worked for Bloomfield Hills Nursing Home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan as a Nurse-aide, and later as a union representative for employees on the second shift from 3pm to 11pm. As a union representative I had the opportunity to work with head AFL-CIO union officials and the company owners in negotiating a labor contract for employees throughout the nursing home.
I attended Eenon Bible college from 1992-1993, where I studied biblical studies. I was a full time student, and received a certificate in Biblical studies. Next, I am currently attending Baker College, and have been a part-time student since 2007-present. I have recently completed all required courses with the exception of WRK 218 Work Experience Project toward an associate degree in Human Resources Management with a minor in Marketing. I am also currently working toward a bachelor degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Psychology. I have acquired an additional thirty-two credit hours toward my bachelor degree at Baker College, which I am currently enrolled in.
I chose Baker College at this time in my life, because I felt Baker College offered the courses on-line that I needed to obtain my degrees in human resource management. I also felt Baker was an institution that mainly focuses on elevating students learning to the highest possible level, and prepares students to meet their academic career goals. Next, I felt Baker is a private college and I felt I could get the best quality of education possible in the field I had chosen.

Chosen Career Field
As already stated I am the sore owner of my HRM Consultant Business, and my brand of services includes, coaching, counseling, and critiquing resumes and applications for professional individual. According to Harvard Extension School...

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