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Work Force Management At Lattelecom Bpo

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Contents1. Terms of reference32. Introduction33. Methodology44. Theoretical background 44.1 Work Force Management system - general overview65. Findings76. Evaluation97. Conclusion / Summary128. Recommendations12Appendix 114Appendix 215Appendix 317Appendix 418References of sources used191. TERMS OF REFERENCEThe team of MBA students of the Riga Business School has carried out the analysis of workforce management system at Lattelecom BPO. The analysis has been carried out in the context of the human resources (hereinafter referred to as HR) management theories and concepts. The information used in our analysis has been obtained from the organization analysed and other relevant resources listed in the report.Objective of the project is to analyse Work Force Management (WFM) system at Lattelecom BPO focusing on the benefits and potential problems regarding WFM implementation in this specific organisation and analysing the HR related areas WFM addresses taking into account a complex/specific nature of the business of Lattelecom BPO.In general, we approach WFM analysis by putting it into the context of a contact (call) center business specifics (i.e., complex aspects of staff planning to respond to varying and highly individual customers needs) and focusing on various tools WFM has to better address HR aspects. More specifically, we analyse how WFM helps the business in terms of more efficient staff planning and also highlight the employees perception aspect, ie., do they view this as a helpful tool in their jobs.The report provides an overview of the analysed organization and its specifics and specifically focuses on the following aspects of WFM as a combined HR and business management tool:•Staff planning to ensure the business needs are satisfied and client service is maintained;•Matching of the business needs with HR deliverables, such as staff availability, e.g., time scheduling and optimization;•Legislation aspect as incorporated within work force management system used by the company.Scope of our report is to specifically look at the contact center's staffing aspect, mainly focusing on planning, within Lattelecom BPO, i.e., its main workforce ensuring income stream generation. We will outline this area from the WFM implementation perspective and thus will look at benefits and problems related to WFM.2. INTRODUCTIONLattelecom BPO is a subsidiary of Lattelecom providing the contact (also referred to as 'call' in the report) center service and maintaining the relevant technical resources (Information Technology equipment) and human resources in terms of administrative staff, call operators, technicians and support/functional staff.There are approximately 700 employees working for Lattelecom BPO, the major part (more than 600) of them are services agents and customer care specialists processing approximately 100,000 contacts per day for about 50 business partners in the Baltics and Scandinavia. There are 5 contact center sites...

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