Work In A Socially Diverse Environment Yr 11 Hospitality Assessment

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HOSPITALITY ASSESSMENT - Work in a socially diverse environment.1. Describe TWO advantages of working with colleagues who come from culturally diverse backgrounds.The hospitality industry is an example of multiculturalism at work, the Cultural Characteristics of Australia (2000) show that of the 800,000 small businesses in Australia, 21% are owned and operated by people with a non English speaking background and 17% of the population speak a language other than English at home. There are many benefits when working in multicultural environment, some of these advantages include:- Different perspectives on life and on how to solve problems.- Increased tolerance, acceptance and patience for other cultures.- Wide range of language skills.- Learn about different types of food and traditional cooking methods.- Bring new skills that may provide an easier and more time efficient service.There are many more advantages of working with colleagues who come from culturally diverse backgrounds. I will expand on only two.Indigenous Australians have contributed to the tourism and hospitality industries through the richness of their culture - in the Dreaming, stories, traditional dance, bush medicine and 'bush tucker'. Many tourists travel around Australia to visit world heritage-listed sites, for example, Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kakadu in the Northern Territory. When working with a colleague who come from an Aboriginal culture you can gain new perspectives on life i.e. life is continuous and the spirit lives on in ancestral places, which were formed in the Dreamtime.Another advantage of working with colleagues who come from culturally diverse backgrounds is the increased variety of skills that make service easier and more efficient. For example if a colleague was new to an establishment they could introduce a faster way to produce a certain meal, the result would be beneficial to both colleagues and customers as the customer would be satisfied and the establishment would be guaranteed repeat business and also they have faster ways of preparing meals.Through all these advantages colleagues have employed a tolerance for many different cultures and people's values and beliefs. This in tern will provide a better work environment and help avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings.2. Name ONE piece of legislation that addresses cultural diversity, and describe...

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