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Jobs In Computer Science: Video Games Vs. Computer Systems

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Computers are everywhere. Almost everything that uses electricity has a computer inside it. The industry is growing fast, too. The computer in your phone is more powerful than the computer systems that put a man on the moon. Computers are used for everything from entertainment, such as gaming; to work, such as compiling financial records and rendering architectural models. As the field of information technology continues to grow rapidly, the varied industries, tech or non-tech, need more and more trained professionals.
Some researchers say that the United States has trouble keeping up with the growing market for information technology workers. As the demand grows, the benefits increase for IT workers. Starting salary continues to rise, and companies compete for the best workers, whether fresh out of college or with years of experience.
Video Games
The $67 billion industry juggernaut that is the video game industry shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down. Video game spending is estimated to reach $112 billion by 2015. In such a large and competitive industry, jobs such as game designers are highly valued. Of course, a game isn’t made and then organized, so game designers are needed to plan and design everything, from story and game mechanics to sound and design.
The video game industry is almost recession-proof, with start-up companies still popping up and larger companies expanding, driving up demand for new jobs. Adults and children alike enjoy the seemingly endless fun just a few video games can provide, and honestly, what kid doesn’t love seeing a brand new video game under the Christmas tree? With the boom in mobile gaming and the estimated trend of further growth in mobile gaming, the outlook only seems brighter for those looking to get into the video game industry.
Video game design has always interested me. With my interests in art and video games I am considering a job in the video games industry. I taught myself how to make game “maps” in Valve’s Hammer environment editing software and experimented with mod tools for other games.
While in many ways a video game designer can be seen as the director of a movie, there can be multiple game designers working on a single game. Game designers write the script and dialog for a game, creating the story and one of the most integral parts of the atmosphere. Game designers can be sound designers, composing, arranging, or editing music and sound effects for the game. Sound designers can also handle the dialog created for the characters. Game designers can be the artists or animators that create the characters and bring them to life, or level designers who create the environment the player will see and interact in.
Although game designers are often seen as the creative genius behind a game, there is always the business side to game development as well as the underlying software required to run the game. Both are just as important to the game design process,...

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