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Work Injured Employees Essay

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Work Injured Employees

Accidents happen all the time and can happen to anyone. When an accident happens on the job, the employee has rights concerning his or her care. Employees also have responsibilities when injured. This paper discusses what is considered on-the-job injuries of employees., the rights of these injured Second employees and the supervisors who must investigate the accidents that occur to cause them. Third, the responsibilities of both the employee and the supervisor when an accident occurs. There will also be sections on types of injuries that occur, and how to prevent them from happening. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is discussed and the actions taken by the agency. Finally, there are sections on discrimination of injured employees, and how to manage light duty personnel.

If an employee who has an accident while on the clock at work becomes injured, it is considered an on-the-job injury. This can happen when at the facility where the employee works, while driving for the job, or in some other aspect where the employee is working for their organization. This also includes working at other sights where that organization is engaged in a common enterprise as the employees organization. Examples of such workers include contractors, and truck drivers.

Employees, and managers have responsibilities when an employee is injured while working. When an employee is injured it is up to that employee to report the incident to the manager that is on duty at the time of the injury. Each organization has different policies on the exact handling of their employees and it is the responsibility of the managers to know what to do when an injury occurs. Each state has a set of regulations that employees need to follow when injured. The exact time frames may vary in each state where notice of injury to be reported is concerned. For instance, in the state of Vermont, its Article 29- Injury On the Job, states that a notice informing employees of their responsibilities will be posted. Those employees injured in Vermont will be required to report injuries within 72 hours to management. The employer is then required to file a report to the Department of Labor and Industry within those same 72 hours. (

In other organizations the time frame can be different depending on the policy of the employer. The United States Postal Service requires employees to report injuries immediately. It the employees responsibility to let the supervisor know they are injured. The supervisor is then responsible in sending the employee to a postal doctor or medical facility. If an employee comes to a supervisor about an injury that has happened in the past they could possibly forfeit certain rights. The reason for this ruling is to verify the injury actually occurred on the job and not after the employee has left work.

Employees are protected by the Worker’s Compensation Act. This Act should...

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