Work Life Balance Essay

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Chapter One: Introduction

Problem Statement:
A significant problem in today’s organizations is the high employment turnover rate of Generation Y employees (employees ages 19- 33). Research supports that Generation Y-ers tend to change employees and professions more than any other generations due to the lack of work life balance policies (Rizzo, 2009).
Research Question:
Will incorporating work life balance policies in organizations reduce the employment turnover rate amongst individuals of Generation Y?
If human resource managers adopt and incorporate work life balance policies into the workplace then the turnover rates amongst Generation Y employees will decrease as measured by an increase in retention rates amongst the Generation Y population.

Chapter Two Review of Literature
Reducing Turnover Rates Amongst the Generation Y Population by Incorporating Work life Balance Policies: A Review of the Literature
The case study highlights the different attitudes that each generation feels towards work life balance. Research suggests that Generation Y-ers and Baby Boomers have different values (Rizzo, 2009). For instance, younger employees view work life balance as essential and work life balance is viewed as one of the most important job satisfaction factors (Laia, Chang, & Hsu, 2011). However, research suggests that this is not as important amongst the Baby Boomers. HR Professionals also reported that acceptable work hours are the main source of conflict between these generations. Baby Boomers were more likely to make complaints about “younger employees’ willingness to work longer hours” (Rizzo, 2009). Furthermore, a researcher from Northern State University, Stephanie Kodatt, emphasized that Generation Y employees are more likely to be loyal to their employers if they are satisfied with their working conditions (Kodatt, 2009).
The Effect of Workload on Quality of Work Life Balance Differs with Generations: Review of Literature
Generation Y employees view the length of work shifts and days worked per week as a satisfaction point if their work shifts are flexible. In addition, the researchers explain that Generation Y employees perceive leisure time as a priority and feel as if time is more important than money (Laia, Chang, & Hsu, 2011). According to three researchers Laia, Chang, and Hsu, reported that heavier workloads negatively affected the quality work life for both Generation Y and Baby Boomers, but the results for Generation Y employees implied that they are more significantly affected by demanding workloads verses the Baby Boomers (Laia, Chang, & Hsu, 2011).
Work life Balance Viewed as a Meaningful Reward
The purpose of this journal was to emphasize that Generation Y employees view flexible schedules, paid vacation, and promotions as meaningful rewards. The research suggests that work life balance is a factor of employee satisfaction and “employee satisfaction is a precursor to the success of any...

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