Work Life Conflicts Essay

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5.1. Conclusion
In conclusion the literature suggests that working long hours is perceived to impact negatively on various aspects of work and home life. Compressed workweeks (one Work Life Balance practice) tend to be associated with positive effects such as increases in job satisfaction and performance.

Those who did not feel in control of their working lives were much more likely to report a sense of powerlessness in their organisation; much less likely to feel loyal to their organisation or that their organisation was loyal to them. They were also significantly less likely to recommend their organisation as a place to work; to want to leave their organisation; to feel that they were being exploited by their organisation and that their organisation did not take their wellbeing seriously. Work hour adjustments is needed now more then ever before.

Work-Life and Life-Work conflicts evolved as a symbol of failure to maintain the line separating the two spheres of an employee. Employers fail to recognize that employees need provisions for family care resulting in a care dilemma. Increasing work force diversity coupled with intensification of work life changes calls for effective and immediate mechanisms of Work Hour Adjustments.

Compressed workweek and hour’s gives workers leisure time to mange their activities for self, family, friends-community and work. Compressed workweek leaves positive effects such as increases in job satisfaction, performance and balancing work and personal life.

5.2. Recommendations
• The relationship between long working hours and work-life balance requires proper attention to remove the imbalances and to get the equilibrium in life of individuals. Further research is therefore essential if the continuing trend of working longer and longer hours in Pakistan continues.
• Further research should aim to investigate whether 48 hours a week is the appropriate ‘cut off’ for the maximum length of time an individual should work. It could also further investigate the acute effects of long hours (for example after a long day) and the cumulative effects (for example, after weekly or monthly long hours).
• Good quality studies that look at the effects of reducing working hours would shed more light on the impact of long working hours on health and safety. Data from other countries, where a working week of 35 hours has been adopted, can help to make implementation plan for same in Pakistan.
• Work-life balance programs, Flexible working hours in the U.S. and EU are known everywhere in the world which can be adopted by the organizations for its employees. The following lists some of the more common work-life benefits:
o Flex-time
o Telecommuting
o Child care
o Elder care
o Leave (e.g. paternity, etc.)
o Job-sharing
o Employee Assistance Programs
o In-house store/services
o Gym subsidies
o Concierge services
o Vacation
o Work hours

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