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Work Motivation Essay

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Work MotivationWhat is Motivation?When a person is spoken of being motivated it is usually meant that the person works "hard," "keeps at" his or her work, and directs his or her behaviour toward appropriate outcomesWhy Study Motivation?Motivation is one of the most traditional topics in organizational behaviour, and it has interested managers, researchers, teachers, and sports coaches for yearsMotivation has become more important in temporary organizations as a result of the need for increased productivity to be globally competitive as well as the rapid changes that contemporary organizations are undergoingMany motivation theoriesRecognize human diversity and consider that the same conditions will not motivate everyoneAble to explain how it is that some people seem to be self-motivated, while others seem to require external motivationRecognize the social aspect of human beingsBasic Characteristics of MotivationMotivation - the extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goalEffortThe strength of a person's work-related behaviour, or the amount of effort the person exhibits on the jobPersistenceThe persistence that individuals exhibit in applying effort to their work tasksDirectionEffort and persistence refer mainly to the quantity of work an individual producesThe persistent effort channelled in a direction that benefits the organizationMotivation means working smart as well as working hardGoalsAll motivated behaviour has some goal or objective toward which it is directed employee goals might include productivity , good attendance, or creative decisionsEmployees can also be motivated by goals that are contrary to the objectives of the organization (sabotage, embezzlement)→ channelling their persistent efforts in directions that are dysfunctional for the organizationExtrinsic and Intrinsic MotivationIntrinsic motivation - motivation that stems from the direct relationship between the worker and the task; it is usually self-appliedFeelings of achievement, accomplishment, challenge, and competence derived from performing one's jobExtrinsic motivation - motivation that stems from the work environment external to the task; it is usually applied by othersPay, fringe benefits, company policies, and various forms of supervisionA promotion or a compliment might be applied by the boss, but also might be a clear signal of achievement and competence which demonstrates both extrinsic and intrinsic qualitiesNotion that when extrinsic rewards depend on performance, the motivating potential of intrinsic rewards decreasesSuggested that making extrinsic rewards contingent on performance makes individuals feel that their performance is controlled by the environment and that they perform well only because of the money; thus, their intrinsic motivation suffers (however easily avoidable)Motivation and PerformanceA person may work long and hard but just don't measure upPerformance - the extent to which an organizational member contributes to achieving...

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