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Work Environment And Legal Issues Essay

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The growing issues with Internet usage in the workplace has become a major concern for employers. Employers are discovering that employees are spending hours of wasted time surfing the Internet and sending inappropriate emails. Employers classify this type of behavior as, “Internet abuse,” and breaking company’s policies. While employees see this type of behavior harmless, employers see this as potential risks to their organization. Previous researched study show employees spend hours surfing the Internet and sending non-work related emails to co-workers, family, and friends. With millions of employees having access to their employer’s Internet, companies are seeing an increase in Internet usage causing potential legal issues and billions of wasted dollars. These issues have also caused loss in productivity and network crashes. To combat these major issues, employers have implemented monitoring technology to help deter employees from using company computer for personal business. Many of these employees are sometimes unaware they are been monitored and are concern with the lack of privacy in the workplace. Employees believe employers implement monitoring systems to make them work harder.
This paper will discuss the Internet abuse by employees and the affect it has the organizations as a whole. Employers and human resource managers are beginning to implement policies and training practices to deter employees from spending long hours on the Internet and more time been productivity.

Internet abuse and monitoring
Employers nationwide feel employees are spending hours surfing the Internet, sending, and receiving inappropriate emails. This has caused low productivity rate for many organizations as well as a decrease in profits and increase in unwanted issues such as network crashes and/or legal issues. Employers believe employees are taking advantage of the Internet while at work to access inappropriate websites such as shopping, gambling, pornographic material, and illegal downloading. Therefore, employers are searching for ways to reduce Internet exploring and increase work production, and remain within the state and federal guidelines (Young, 2011). To combat these issues, monitoring technologies are put in place to make employees more productive during company’s work hours. Monitoring technologies are classified as the use of computerized system that automatically collect, store, analyze, and report information about how an employee is performing his/her job (Wen, Schwieger & Gershuny, 2007). This helps companies to track their employee’s Internet movements, obtain detailed information (Wen, Schwieger & Gershuny, 2007), and protect the privacy of their company. In return, employers hope this will limit or eliminate employees from extensive use of the Internet.
In The Los Angeles Times (2013) an article titled, “Tracking workers’ every move can boost productivity,” stated how employers are using...

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