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Work Place Safety Strategies And Performance

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Workplace accidents are a growing concern for many organizations. It is the Human Resources department that needs to implement a workforce safety strategy that is effective and understandable. In order for employees to understand the importance of workplace safety, they must be informed of proper workplace performance. Other factors that can reduce accidents are having a policy that indicates steps that need to be taken to prevent accidents, having safety personnel in charge, outline expectations, inspections, proper working conditions, and training.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, is determined to eliminate all workplace accident’s and injuries. Safe at Work Ontario is the compliance strategy designed by the Ministry of Labour, which aims to; improve the work environment, minimize workplace injuries and illness, cut back on health care systems, and stipulate an equal field for complaint companies. It is a legal requirement for all companies to educate their employees on this matter and provide a standard working condition. The Ontario Ministry of Labour enforces the Act through inspections of the workplace on a periodic basis to make sure that workplaces comply with these standards. All businesses must abide by and enforce The Occupational Health and Safety Act so there are no accidents or fatalities. A strong and safe workplace will consist of competence; appropriate knowledge and training, commitment; demonstration by employer on proper safety, and capacity; ample resources of preventing injuries. Hazard free working conditions are a value to employees and employers to ensure that the work environment is a clean and practical space.

Proper training programs can reduce workplace accidents significantly. Upon hiring, it is a mandatory requirement for all employees to go through a training program where they will acquire the knowledge and skills to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively. On the job training programs should entail five learning principals, participation, repetition, relevance, transference and feedback. Training should start off with an overview of the job, what is expected and the outcomes that are required, once the employee has an overall understanding of the position the trainer can demonstrate giving the employee a model to copy. Once the employee has an indication of how to complete a task they can emulate back to the...

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