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Work, That Is Real Essay

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Life has many aspects. Many people would wish their life to be nice and easy and of course free of labor. But most of us know, it is almost impossible to make that wish come true. We all have to work by some means. One of the most important sides of our lives, is having not just a job, but a good job. The importance of work placement and job that people do on everyday basis cannot be diminished. There is a preconception in modern world that the only way to guarantee getting a good job is to complete a course of university education. Some people disagree with a previous statement, they think that it is better to start work as soon as possible and gain experience in the world of work. No ...view middle of the document...

And what surprise me the most that so many people blindly trust doctors and nurses, take anything they give them, without even asking any question, why or what for, this medication is being given. People are trusting their lives to someone, without checking if that someone is capable enough to take care of it.
Q: What has been the most difficult aspect of your work?
A: Annoying patients (she laughs), frankly the same thing I was just talking about, just the idea of being fully responsible for patients’ lives sometimes give me chills.
Q: Can you remember a significant moment of your work? Is there an experience with your practice that stands out in your mind?
A: If you want me to tell you about great experience in my job, I would say I usually have couple of them every day, anytime when I see a patient go home, absolutely cured or free of disease, I experience one of those “significant” moments. One time we had a nine year old boy, with a last stage of leukemia (cancer), it was very hard to watch the child battle such a horrible disease, but after twelve month when he went home cancer free, it was the happiest day not just for his parents, but also for team of doctors and nurses. It was one of the happiest days in my life. On the other side, I remember working in a “minute clinic” in Pharmacy. It was seven o’clock at night, my work day was over, but I still had a client in my office. We were almost done, when someone knocked on my door, I opened and sad that I was closed, they have to come back tomorrow. The lady, behind the glass door was so upset, that she start banging on it, screaming, wishing me to die or get cancer. At the end she brook the glass, I’ve already pushed the panic button, and police came and arrested her. Her explanation was, that she was a teacher who needed to get a flu shot done, otherwise she would not be able go to work the next day.
Q: What do you think is the most common misconception about nursing job? Why?
A: People think that doctors are the one who is doing all the work, and the nurses are more like little helpers, and they are only capable of bringing glass of water or checking your blood pressure. They don’t understand that in real life the nurse is the one, who is twenty four hours with the patients, monitor them and make notes of any changes. Because of that, it’s not a rare case, when the nurse suggests some kind of treatments to a doctor, and patients will get them. Why is that happening, I’m not sure, but I blame “Gray’s Anatomy” movie.
Q: If you had to summarize the most important thing you’ve learned about nursing, what would it be? What is the most important thing other people should know or understand?
A: Nursing is not just a profession, it is a life style. No one should become a nurse if all they are looking for are the great money compensation and health benefits. You should be caring, loving and very patience person. You should have a strong personality, be very dedicated to your profession and...

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