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Part 1 - Stimulus Based Skills: Employment Relations"We also need to make our workplace relation system simpler. Australia has over 130 different pieces of industrial relations legislation, over 4,000 different awards and six different workplace systems operating across the country. There are too many rules and regulations making it hard for many employees and employers to get together and reach agreements in their workplaces. We also have too much red tape, too much complexity and too much confusion in some parts of the current system. It's bad for business; its costs jobs and its holding Australia back. For all these reasons, the Australian Government is moving towards one, simpler, national workplace relations system. It's called WorkChoices.Source: Australian GovernmentAs an employment relations manager, you have been asked to prepare a report for the management committee.In your report, analyse the impact of the Workplace Relations Amendment (WorkChoices) Act 2005 on all stakeholders in the employment relations process.Executive SummaryAim:The aim of this report is to analyse the impact of the Workplace Relations Amendment (WorkChoices) Act 2005 on all stakeholders in the employment relations process.Findings:Work Choices has a significant impact upon the following stakeholders in the employment relation process:- Employers- Employees- Trade Unions- Employer Associations- Government AssociationsWorkChoices introduced an avant-garde change in Australia's workplace with major changes introduced by the Howard Government including:* "the formation of a single national industrial system to replace the separate state and federal systems for constitutional corporations;* the establishment of a body to be known as the Australian Fair Pay Commission to replace the minimum wage determination at the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC);* the streamlining of Certified Agreement and Australian Workplace Agreement making, including increasing the maximum agreement life from three years to five years;* a reduction in allowable award matters;* the creation of legislation for five minimum workplace conditions;* the exemption of companies with fewer than 101 employees from unfair dismissal laws;* the exemption of all companies from unfair dismissal laws where a dismissal is for a bona fide operational reason;* increased restrictions on allowable industrial action;* mandating secret ballots for industrial action;* discouraging pattern bargaining and industry-wide industrial action."Recommendations:It is recommended that the management committee being familiar with these important changes and to effectively recognize the possible outcomes related to WorkChoices. Management will need to plan proper change models in order to assist in this major change of the workplace while also considering that the general public views WorkChoices as a negative aspect of industrial relations. The key issue of employment relations needs to be well thought-out in...

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