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DEAN INC. INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUMTO: Jo Kiefer, Corporate Executive Director of Human ResourcesFROM: Edna Nade, Orlando Director of Human ResourcesSUBJECT: Discrimination Complaint Filed by Mr. John Rudo (Employee #: Mgt 434)DATE: 1/28/04In accordance with Debbie, Eyad, Ada, Neicie, Incorporated (DEAN Inc.) corporate policy, the Orlando Human Resource Department (OHR) is notifying the corporate office of a discrimination claim filed by Mr. John Rudo. The OHR Department has followed all corporate instructions and policies with regard to preventing possible discrimination claims. Possible outcomes for Mr. Rudo's discrimination claim as well as issues that Mr. Rudo must prove in order for his claim to be validated by the EEOC are being provided for your review. Mr. Rudo has been advised of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims process, and the OHR Department has followed the EEOC procedures for discrimination claims.Mr. Rudo claims that the qualification test for management level promotions is discriminatory toward African-Americans. In addition, Mr. Rudo feels that the grooming codes outlined in the employee manual are unfair due to the fact that women are allowed to have their ears pierced, but men are not permitted to have pierced ears. Mr. Rudo also feels that the grooming codes outlined in the employee manual restrict the length of men's hair, but not the length of women's hair. The OHR Department OHR has begun to take the initial steps of performing the preliminary investigation into the allegations that have been made.Examination of Mr. Rudo's employment file has revealed that a corporate Notary Public witnessed Mr. Rudo's signature of the standard 101 DEAN Inc. Employee Manual that defines all of the corporate policies and procedures. The employee manual clearly states that women may have pierced ears as long as the ear jewelry is a post and ball style earring with no dangles or gems. Men are not permitted to have ear jewelry while at work. Mr. Rudo must provide evidence to the EEOC to support a claim that maintaining pierced ears is part of his religion or culture. The employee manual reserves the right to waive specific rules for medical, religious, or cultural reasons.The employee manual addresses that women may wear long hair as long as the hair is pulled back from the face. The employee manual clearly states that men may not have hair longer than the nape of the neck. Again, the Employee Manual reserves the right to waive specific rules for medical, religious, or cultural reasons.The OHR Department denies Mr. Rudo's claim that the test given to evaluate a candidate for promotion is discriminatory against African-Americans. The test given to the candidates were standardized tests to measure management aptitude. It is the opinion of the OHR Department that Mr. Rudo's past performance did not prove Mr. Rudo to be the best candidate for the position.Yearly performance reviews were administered to Mr. Rudo as well as all...

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