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Employee Development and StrategyMission, visions and goals of an organization is a shared value to the development of theemployees and to the success of the organization. First there can be no teamwork unless theentire executive team understands and shares the same core values, core purpose andenvisioned future. Mission, visions and goals are the organization's gyroscope that keepseveryone heading in the same direction. This core ideology is particularly important duringperiods of rapid change.A wide variety of quality hotels and restaurants, each owned and operated by the Marriottcorporation, are provided with different mission, vision and goals though they are the samechain. Each hotel takes pride in achieving the highest level of guest satisfaction. The hotelshave many amenities including indoor swimming pools, fitness centers, and deluxe continentalbreakfasts, group rates and flexible meeting/ banquet facilities. The restaurants are perfect forbusiness lunches, casual dining and after hours relaxation with a friendly yet professionalattitude.Having thoroughly understood an organization's internal and external environment,The organization establishes a mission and vision statement to create a five-to ten-year visionof the company. A mission statement documents the service or product the company providesto the marketplace and the To Exceed our guests' expectations by providing memorableexperiences that reflect the care, unique way in which it distinguishes itself from othercompanies. It also indicates the target group of customers that the company serves.An example of this type of mission statement is provided by Courtyard by Marriott. It indicatesthat "Courtyard by the Marriott is serving economy-and quality-minded frequent business travelerswith a premier, moderate-priced lodging facility that is consistently perceived as clean,comfortable, well maintained, attractive, and staffed (2001) people".This mission statement indicates the product and service provided to the target customers andthe way in which it will be done.The Courtyard by the Marriott wants to exceed by these visions:•To exceed the expectations of our guests by providing excellent value and first-rateservice through personal attention from our enthusiastic and dedicated associates,managers and owners.•Marriott can fulfill their commitment because they are devoted informing relationshipswith every guest to meet their individual needs.•Pursue a level of excellence in all that Marriott do by remembering the core values:oIntegrity - Marriott will maintain the highest standard of conduct in allactions.oTeamwork - Marriott will work together in all divisions to achieve goals.oIndividual Worth - Marriott will recognize and respect fellow team members andGuests.Mission and vision statements serve several purposes in strategic management. First, theyprovide direction for the organization. As a firm engages in its strategic planning process it comparesits objectives with...

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