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Employee Motivation Plan Essay

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AbstractThe purpose for this assignment is to provide proof of knowledge, of business management skills, and employee/company motivation.IntroductionThe company I decided to provide a motivation plan strategy is a hypothetical greeting card company. Just for Us Greeting Cards is a personalized greeting card company, which provides customers with completely personalized greeting cards, through an interactive web site. Hallmark alone is in over 42,000 retail store nationwide, and are the leading force in the industry. If we expand on their ideas from ready-made cards to personalized cards we can provide a more intimate purchasing experience, securing customer retention through loyal return clientele. (Hoovers, 2005)Motivation PlanJust for Us Greeting Cards, hopes to provide a customer-centered company, focusing primarily on providing personalized, high quality greeting cards at a greater value than most other greeting card companies. With card prices ranging from $3-5 dollars, purchasing a greeting card is hardly a luxury item. Therefore, in hopes to gain maximum profit, we will offer competitive pricing with many more options to choose from, securing a broader customer base. Instead of having pre-set cards, with the option to personalize small pieces, we offer thousands of pictures, card size and paper selections, to give the customer more freedom and offering a better experience. Our target customer is one that will want a personalized card and experience. Because of this personalized experience, the company is lacking in fresh new ideas, and has employees that feel underappreciated for the extra amount of service involved in transactions between the company and its customers. Therefore, I have devised the following strategy to bring about an organizational turnaround.The Plan1) Effectively communicate what is expected of each employee; let the employees know clearly what it is you expect of them. You should always write it down. Without the knowledge of knowing where they are headed how can we expect our employees to set any goals? They need to see the big picture before completing the details.2) Listen, value and ask for employee ideas and feedback: Allow your employees the chance to help you improve yourself and to provide you, as well as the organization better, more diverse and creative ideas. Ideas should constantly fluctuate to accommodate for marketing changes.3) Give...

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