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Running head: ORIENTATION AND PERFORMANCE APPRAISALOrientation and Performance AppraisalDon CarterGrand Canyon UniversityOrientation and Performance AppraisalIntroduction: In recent years employee orientation programs have taken on a position of importance in most successful organizations. All of the information in this process will facilitate the orientation of new employees. Most employers provide orientation programs for new hires. The orientation for new employees will provide the appropriate information regarding a number of topics including equal opportunity rights, hours worked, harassment and discrimination training, safety training and benefits provided by the company. More important than the orientation process is the performance appraisal process. In this paper I will review Sodexo's processes for these two items.The new employee orientation process for Sodexo managers is called "Beginning Your Career". This is a ninety day process which includes a number of training sessions as well as the initial employee processing procedure with the human resources department. The ninety day process begins with a three day classroom setting workshop. This workshop introduces the new manager to Sodexo's culture and philosophies, the organizational structure, numerous human resource policies and the expectations the organization has of its managers. To help reinforce the classroom instruction the new manager is asked to complete a series of 8 workbooks found in the ninety day kit. The instruction does not stop there; there is a self study manager skills program that is part of this ninety day process. (2010)This process may seem burdensome for the new employee or an expensive orientation process on behalf of the company but it has proven itself to be highly effective in recruiting and retaining a high number of quality managers. There are several purposes for having such an extensive orientation process. It is critical for the new employee to fully understand the company's human resource policies, by understanding these policies a manager can avoid some of the pitfalls that can cause the company to be embarrassed or even avoid legal ramifications from poor managerial decisions. Another purpose this process is made to last ninety days is that the company feels that if a new manager has not been able to fully understand and comply with the program after ninety days it has the option to dismiss the new manager and find a better suited candidate.This process is a very formal process and handled in a very professional manner. Being that this is a highly comprehensive program there is no official informal process administered. Having said this, as with most organizations with formal orientation processes there is usually always some type of informal process administered within the unit that the new manager is assigned to. This helps the new employee feel comfortable in his or hers new environment and...

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