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Jeannot Bile EMPLOYEE RELATIONS 13/02/2014A Marxist (or radical) perspective of the employment relationship locates 'the asymmetry of power between employer and employee' at the heart of its analysis. (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004: 34).The conviction that there exists a power imbalance in the employment relationship which gives employers a prejudicial benefit over employees takes its existence for several centuries. Karl Marx known for his theories and contributions related to the employment relations field, became famous through his literatures and ever since his popularity remains.Firstly and primarily, the lives of most men and women are subject of work. The large majority of individuals who work are simply employees only few are employers. Therefore, the terms and conditions in which individuals perform this work are crucial for everyone. These agreements are characterized by the relationship between employer and employee. Again, employee relations suggest notion of fairness and equity in the remuneration of labour. At the basic level, employee relations tend to create active group collaboration in the place of work rather than conflicts which give to employees the impression in some way to be separated from employers and organisations for which they work. Employee relations take into account many factors related to a good quality of work such as remuneration of labour, bonuses, promotions as well as the corporate culture and the work environment, training and development programs for employees. Recognizing the achievements and contributions made by the employee, this is an important part of employee relations, as the demands of the employees are more or less respected. Numerous scholars and authors have written lot of theories related to employment relationship field. Edwards defines Employee relation as "all forms of economic activity in which an employee works under the authority of an employer and receives a wage in return for his or her labour". (Edwards, 2003)However, new approaches have emerged with the influence and recognition of trade unions in the midst of 60's and the male breadwinner mainly considered as industrial relationships. According to Blyton and Turnbull, more factors to be considered; "wages and profit, authority and compliance" ,the need of "work being a source of dignity, a 'living wage'" and "social cohesion, employee voice and participation in decision making". (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004, p.7)In this essay, I will briefly talk about the unitary and pluralist perspectives on Employee relations. I will also discuss the applicability of the radical or Marxist perspective to the analysis of employment relations.Early in the twenty century, before the advent of industrialization and globalization, industries and organisations operated in a context in which all the aspects related the work was largely ruled by employers and the employees had no power and no right to express their views, therefore they were submitted and had...

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