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Employee Health And Safety Essay

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Ensuring the health and safety of employees is of primary importance to the Organization. Organization is committed to maintaining safe facilities, sponsoring appropriate training programs, and providing necessary safety equipment. In addition, Administration and staff shall cooperatively develop appropriate procedures and regulations for ensuring employees' health and safety, with special emphasis on the handling of potentially hazardous equipment or substances and for investigating and reporting any accidents and mishaps. All newly employed staff shall be required to comply with the physical examination. Every employee must provide annually, at a minimum, an updated health history of current health problems.

All employees shall undergo an annual physical examination. A physical examination may include :
1) Health History
The written record of a person's past health events, completed by the individual or his/her physician. It must include past serious illnesses and injuries, current health problems, allergies, and a record of immunizations received.
2) Health Screening
The testing of a person, using one or more diagnostic tools, to determine the presence of precursors of a particular illness or disease. It must include height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate, vision and hearing.
3) Medical Examination
The examination of the employees by medical inspector or by a physician licensed to practice medicine.

Responsibilities of Employers

Employers have a legal obligation to inform employees about safety and health standards that apply to their workplace. Employers must establish a written, comprehensive hazard communication program to ensure that employees who work with or near hazardous materials are informed of the hazards and provided proper protection.. An employer with more than 10 employees must maintain records of all work-related injuries and illnesses, and the employees or their representative have the right to review those records. Some industries with very low injury rates are exempt from these recordkeeping requirements.

Rights of Employee

Workers’ Compensation — An Important Right

When a worker is injured, becomes ill or is killed as a result of work, that person is eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. The system of Workers’ Compensation was established in the early part of the 20th century. It was a compromise. Workers were guaranteed some compensation and coverage of medical costs if they were injured on the job, regardless of whom was at fault. In return, workers gave up their right to sue their employer for a work-related injury. Workers’ Compensation became the “exclusive remedy” — the only method for workers or their families to be compensated for the worker’s lost ability to work .Regardless of the size of the enterprise, or how they chose to measure it, the safety of each and every employee is crucial to your organization’s success. No matter how sophisticated the...

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