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Workers Right Essay

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In this modern era, world is globally marching towards the advancement, expansion, urbanization and industrialization. The flowering of the entire world relishes upon the worker and their imperative and influential contribution. More than half of the entire world population serves as a worker/employee for the enhancement and evolution but the safe platform to deliver their effort is still ambiguous, uncertain and of concern with a worker dying every 15 seconds and more than 10 workers getting injured every second as a result of their workplace hazard (ILO, 2014). This number worsens when analyzed in the developing countries as only 15% of entire worlds worker is covered with occupational health services. Currently, about 2.2 million worker die each year as a result of work related accident or illness, 268 million non fatal injuries with three lost work days in average, 160 million of new work related cases and 8% of psychological disease as a result of work (ILO, 2005). Although these data shows astounding status of workers health and safety, these represent merely the tip of iceberg of whole scenario. These were the data extracted from formally registered workplace, but in many economically thriving countries, with more accident prevalence and less occupational health services, most workers are informally employed and without any records leading to more catastrophic scenario. So this suggests a massive burden and crisis to world economy and underlies a huge challenge for governments, economy and health systems.
To overcome this onus, different governing bodies and organizations including WHO (World Health Organization) and ILO (international labor organization) postulated several plans and strategy. One of them as sanctioned by World Health Assembly (WHA) of WHO, Workers health: Global plan of action (GPA) to motivate for the operation by member state. This endorsement was based upon various past plans and strategy i.e.” WHA global strategy for occupational health for all (1996), Stresa declaration on workers health (2006), Promotional framework for occupational health and safety convention (ILO Convention 187) and the Bangkok charter for health promotion in a globalized world (2005)”(WHO, 2007).
According to this sanction, WHO works along with government and member state and aim for the different policies implementation on workers health, identify risk and hazards and protects workers and their health, easy accessibility of worker to health services, health surveillances and hazard identification and integrate workers health into others sectors policies.
Although plentiful law and policies have been planned and implemented the life of million of workers are still at stake as more than a billion workers works aside from health and safety services radar and with most of the worker in the informal employment and informal sectors, solitarily to fulfill their basic needs. There are no any safe employment sectors but some are exceptionally...

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