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Workforce Analytics In The Management Field

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The human resources department is in charge of a variety of activities but its most important function is figuring out the staffing needs of their company. In most cases, these needs require the hiring of new employees. Sometimes this process can take a very long time causing the company to lose money. GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical giant in Philadelphia, was in this position until its HR executives turned to a technology known as workforce analytics. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, a large insurance brokerage firm, also turned to workforce analytics. However, this company used this application for a different reason.At GlaxoSmithKline, workforce analytics became a very important part of its human resources department especially after realizing that the company wasn't gathering data quickly enough. GSK spent a great amount of time into collecting data about the recruiting environment but not enough time to actually interpret it and analyze it. By implementing workforce analytics, the HR executives at GSK had a better understanding of what the data meant and what actions to take. The data found through the usage of workforce analytics played an especially important role in the process of recruiting employees. According to Lou Manzi, vice president of global recruitment, the process for finding a job candidate would take about a month. However, by analyzing the date via workforce analytics, the HR department discovered that the whole process actually took double the amount of time. The cause of this wasn't because the recruiters weren't working fast enough; it was because the process was very slow and lacked the use of some sort of technology. The slow pace of the process also cost GSK some money. By using workforce analytics, the recruiters at GSK were able...

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