Workforce Diversity Essay

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Work Force Diversity
Business Firms and organization need to apply workforce diversity in their management. Diversity at the workplace is simply understood as the variation of skills, experience and ideas among employees. This can arise due to differences in various aspects like race, gender, religion and physical attributes. In addition to these, other discrepancies include national origin, medical conditions and so many more (Subbarao 98). Diversity among the workers is an important tool that often leads to prosperity in an organization hence the need for maximum application of this important business virtue.
Managing diversity is a concept that needs to be understood by an organization. It can be defined as appreciating the workers’ unique characteristics and encouraging inclusiveness by eliminating biasness and discrimination (Stalcup 78). Inclusiveness encompasses involving everyone in the daily operations of the firm and in decision making while ignoring the differences among workers. This would ultimately help the company achieve its goals and focus on making best use of employees’ ability to work hard on the basis of competitiveness (Simona Vasilache 88).
Minority groups have been discriminated for a long time in the business world. This is a group that constitutes people with disability. To an extent, women are also believed to be a minority group in the business world due to the high levels of discrimination. These groups have been consistently excluded in the organizations. They are kept in the dark when it comes to important issues such as policy making. As if this is not enough, other minority groups include homosexuals, lesbians, elderly people and ethnic workers. The unrepresentative nature is still a major problem in the management process. Policies should be formulated to ensure that these people are without a doubt, involved in the business structure just like everyone else.
Research has been carried out to find ways on how organizations can manage workforce diversity. To start off, firms need to support the minority groups by employing the old people who are seeking for employment (Rice 45). Proper training should be offered so as to train these new individuals to adapt to the business operations. In addition to that, the minority groups should also be paid equally and fairly like all the other workers. Employing people with disability should also be a number one priority for an organization to guarantee that they are properly represented (Simona Vasilache 29).
Managing workforce diversity also involves appreciating the unique attributes seen in every worker. This is whereby the firm focuses on encouraging diverse behavior and skills among the workers. In doing this, a sense of self-realization is promoted hence increasing productivity. Accepting that personality differ among people is strongly recommended. Workers have different talents and skills thus the company should focus on maximizing these hidden potential (McInnes...

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