Working As A Child, A Extended Essay Research Paper Essay In The Conventions On Child Labour And Abuse

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Luciana Verduga
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Child labour is a worldwide issue that can determine the development of children around the world, impedes access to education, and has a major economic impact on the nations and families involved. The research carried out in this paper was based upon the investigation of the situation that working children endure and their surroundings. It focuses on the negative effect that this causes and why it should be eliminated. The term “child labour” is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development.  That alone is a reason for the investigation of its repercussions. It is essential for this document to research about the different effects that working in hazardous conditions can affect the children and compare it, to their opportunities later in life and contrast it with the situations their countries appear to be. This essay was developed by subtracting information from specialized web pages, analyzing statistics, examining excerpts and preforming interviews. It was important to consider numbers as well as opinions, when writing this document. It has been proved although this extended essay with different examples told from expert’s perspectives and even the children closely related to the issue, how it does not possess any beneficial effects on the population, but rather brings sorely negative impacts. All perspectives considered, this essay leads to the conclusion, that child labour should be eliminated as it not only robs children of their childhood, but also exposes them to several dangers and affects the overall income of the countries with a higher rate regarding this problem.
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Child labour is a worldwide problem that exerts undue physical or psychological damage that can determine the development of the child, hampers access to education, and has a major economic impact on the nations involved
I. Introduction
A. Background
B. Thesis statement
II. Can determine the development of the child
A. Psychological stress
B. Physical damage
III. Hamper access to education
A. Effects on the children education
B. Effects on the children overall life and opportunities
IV. Has a major economic impact
A. Consequences of child labour at the micro family level
B. Economic situation of the countries
V. Conclusion
“They began work at 5:30 and quit at 7 at night. Children six years old going home to lie on a straw pallet until time to resume work the next morning. I have seen the hair torn out of their heads by the machinery, their scalps torn off, and yet not a single tear was shed, while the poodle dogs were loved and caressed and carried to the seashore.” (M.jones,1998). The average child spends over 7 hours a day in free time, playing and watching tv....

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