"Working As A Housemaid In An International Hotel" Question: This Is A Poor Poem. It Doesn't Rhyme. Punctuation Is Erratic And It Doesn't Use Any Imagery. Do You Agree?

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I do not believe that the poem "Working as a housemaid in an international hotel" is much of a poor poem. Despite that fact that it neither rhymes nor uses any language techniques such as imagery and has no structure what-so-ever, it is not a universal law that the above aspects should be included in good poetry. The originality displayed in the poem is believable, yet unique that it engages the reader in a particular way through the poem's own distinctiveness and diversity from other pieces.Perhaps what makes a piece of writing engaging and entertaining is its individuality that singles it out from the rest of the others. In "Working as a housemaid in an international hotel", this is a good example. Most poems are filled with language techniques that are ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, its style and technique is rather particular and inimitable as opposed to the usual poems. With such elements as these, it is already engaging with its individuality. Uniqueness is one of the features of a good piece of writing for that it gives the audience a new approach from the already repeated styles.Many have mentioned that the originality of this poem is lacking. However, in my opinion, I do not think this is so. In the majority of poetries, it is rather rare that one would mention such topics as working in international hotels as most would be subjected to love (esp. broken heartedness), emotions, happiness, sorrow, life and all other very popular and predictable issues. Here, the originality is well developed and very believable even though many wouldn't have had much thought on this housemaid matter. Unlike the mainstream of poems, this tends to be meaningful in its own sense and style with the use of only simple words and phrases. If one reads deeper into this piece, it is possible to find consequential morals in life that she, the narrator, has used in order to make the most of her appalling job. During the end of the poem, it hinted an inspirational message to the audience: use survival methods in times of need and be strong to fight back! The 'sterilized' glass from their dirty cloths wasn't something that was good. Yet it was something to be proud of as if the writer had triumphed over the 'cold war' with her enemies. This has again impacted on the uniqueness of the poem, making it appealing to readers.Overall, I do not think that it is necessary for a good poem to include language features, structures or rhyming. However, I do think that what is most engaging is originality and distinctiveness from the rest that makes one memorable and therefore a good piece.

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