Working As A Team: Group Dynamics

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WORKING AS A TEAMGROUP DYNAMICSA group is a formation of two or more individuals, very often with common interests, who interact with each other to fulfil specific objectives.Formal Groups are set up to satisfy the need to achieve a common goal. An example is a business organisation preparing for and running an exhibition of business equipment.These may also take the form of ad hoc working groups (groups formed to achieve a particular goal and then disbanded).Participating in small informal work groupsTo participate as a member of a team and contribute constructively to achieving a goal, the following steps are required:Identify the groups objectiveAllocating key tasks to team membersChecking every team member's progressRe-allocating tasks where necessary and providing additional resources if requiredAdopting a team spiritPeople are more productive when they have a say in how the work is done. When a supervisor calls staff together for discussions on a particular area of the work and employees are asked to put forward a solution this shows that they are valued group members.A supervisor or leader has an important role to play in group discussions and should make every attempt to be both understanding and flexible. Good leaders are able to:Share the decision-making process with employeesRefrain from dominating the discussionListen to what other employees have to sayEncourage employees to put forward their points of viewEncourage discussion of any problemsElicit solutions to problems from employeesWhere leadership or direction of a group is 'taken over' or assumed automatically by a member considered to be higher level management, the efficiency of the group may diminish immediately, leading to communication problems such as:Reluctance of team members to contribute ideasResistance to be involved in plans discussedDefensive behaviour when ideas, plan of action etc is questionedWithdrawal from team activities, both physical and verbalDiscontent with company policy and procedures for allowing no equality of expertise in good structuringAs you can see, all extremely negative feelings which, even is experienced by only one member of the team, will severely impair progress and the ultimate achievement of goals.Interpersonal skillsIn order to do the best job possible as a team member, it is necessary to have well-developed interpersonal skills.The need to respect other members of the groupA genuine interest in and commitment to the setting of goalsA feeling of empathy in relation to the values, attitudes and beliefs of...

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