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As a Gerontology minor student, I have learned the importance of helping older adults with their daily activities. It is also a proven fact that the burden of becoming a caregiver for an elderly, and taking care of a loved one full or even part time, nearly always becomes the responsibility of the family of elderly. Based on my research, I have found out how a Geriatric Counselor can provide assistance to older adults and their families with issues related to the aging process The help that can be received from a Geriatric Counselor can often make the lives of older adults and their families much easier by reducing the burden, and providing convenient, comfort, and ultimately a better ...view middle of the document...

Different levels of degrees obtained from most Universities, such as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Counseling, Master`s degree in Counseling, Doctorate or PhD program, can open different level of opportunities for having a career in many different places including hospitals, care facilities and retirement homes. According to Careers in Psychology website:
“‭geriatric counselors can often be found in a variety of facilities and organizations that cater to the needs of elderly individuals. They might work in hospitals, long and short term care facilities, retirement homes, and community senior centers, for instance. ‭Geriatric counselors can also usually be found working in government and private social service offices. The requirements for starting a geriatric counseling career typically vary slightly, depending on your state. Earning a bachelor’s degree in counseling, social work, human services, geriatrics, or psychology, though, is usually a good start to a geriatric counseling career. Many aspiring geriatric counselors also choose to earn graduate degrees as well.‭ Most states also require future geriatric counselors to have about 3,000 hours of experience working with elderly individuals as well before they become licensed. This requirement is usually fulfilled by completing an internship, volunteering, or working in a facility that caters to elderly individuals.”(, 2014)‬‬‬
` According to All Psychology Careers, some of the work of Geriatric Counselor can be for example such as working with an older adult who are in...

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