Working At Camden Property And Trust And Game Stop

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In this article I would try to compare both Camden – one of the best companies to work for in the United States according to FORTUNE® Magazine – and Game Stop – according to Forbes Magazine is one of the worst companies to work for in the U.S.
Camden Property Trust is a publicly traded multifamily company. Camden primarily owns, develops, acquires and manages multifamily apartment communities. As of 2011, Camden operates 197 properties consisting of approximately 67,452 apartment homes throughout the United States. With headquarters located in Houston, Texas and workforce totaling 1,800 employees, Camden is also listed on the S&P 400 and traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Most recently, Camden placed 7th among FORTUNE® Magazine’s top “100 Best Companies to Work For” in the United States. Camden earned this award for the 4th consecutive year.
GameStop is a computer gaming company that got its foundation from series of the mergers. The first merger took place between Software ETC and Babbage LLC forming Babbage ETc, LLC which was later sold to Barns & Noble. In June of 2000, Babbage ETc merges with Funco after Funco was acquired by Barnes & Noble. Later in 2000, Funco changes its name to GameStop. GameStop will go on to repurchase itself from Barnes & Noble and will go ahead to acquire several other gaming companies to include, Electronic Boutique (EB Games) (2005), Rhino Video Games (2007), Micromania(2008) and Jolts Online Gaming(2009).

Comparison of Company Values
Camden Values GameStop Values
Lead by Example
Leading by example embodies Camden’s focus on results. Camden’s philosophy is to do what it takes to get a job completed. Leaders - especially those in charge of a project - are required to set the standard. Leaders must get in the trenches with other team members.
Stay Customer Centered
GameStop’s strategy focuses on customer from the store level. According to its website, effective store level guarantees corporate level success. Customer’s ideas is what moves and drives their success.
Always Do the Right Thing
Camden’s policies and procedures serve as a tool to guide employees’ behavior. Employees are encouraged to always do the right thing when dealing with fellow employees and customers.
Have a Competitive Mindset
GameStop seeks highly competitive self-driven individuals that are constantly bettering themselves and never willing to settle for less. In such a highly competitive and fast industry as computer gaming, GameStop desires highly competitive individuals willing to accept the challenge.
Have Fun
In as much as the culture at Camden demands hard work and dedication, employees are also encouraged to have fun and some sense of humor.
Encourage Hands-On Leadership
Top management’s builds on the premise of leading by examples. Managers are involved in day-to-day operations and long-term strategy at the same time engaging fellow employees to solving challenges.

Team Focus

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